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Paper Tape
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Yoga 700 - unhappy with new laptop

I purchased this 2 months ago after doing quite a bit of online research. I just retired and it seemed to fit my needs.

I have not used it that much yet as it seemed I always ran into an issue..and thought maybe it was just me not being used to it yet.


Started using more this past week and have had 3 significat issues:


- Circles appearing all over screen, curser jumping around...had to shut down manually with side on/off button. Called Lenovo and they said whatever the installed drivers were not set up to operate with Windows 10 so they fixed that for me. What ? So, you have to wait til you have an issue ( this had been happening on and off since my pruchase) to find out your laptop is not properly equipped?


-Today, everytime I entered my pin, the laptop shut down. Called Lenovo and rep said she never heard of it...although I searched and found the issue listed here. She walked me throgh a reboot and OK now...but again..what ?


- This one maybe be a Microsoft issue..but neither Lenovo or Micrsoft was able to help.  All of my data from an excel spreadsheet was erased ..even though I had been saving input every day for 2 weeks,  I read that there are no longer "previous versions" available on is using an external back up every day the only way to avoid this ?


Sorry, I know I have probably more than one topic...I'm very disappointed in the product and had high hopes for it. Lenovo rep today suiggested I go back to Best Buy with my complaint.... sigh.....


Anyone else disappointed with the product ?


Thanks for any input.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 700 - unhappy with new laptop

1) Try to gently wipe the screen , such as a little wet towel wipes

2) u need update windows.
If you want to check for the update now, select the Start button , then select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Check for updates. If you’re not seeing the update, hang tight. It'll be available soon.

3)u can try LibreOffice its free
OR try edit files on google drive its also free but google drive works online only
sorry for bad English :-)

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 700 - unhappy with new laptop

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