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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

I've been working with my new Yoga 710 in several tables, and I realized that the left side is higher than the right side.


Is only my Yoga or are you having the same experience?



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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

Hi there, Oparaiso                   -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today


It's very difficult to try to picture your issue and what is happening if you could show a picture of space you get or something maybe we could help. Also if your computer is under warranty it would also be good to call customer service and set up case and send it in to depot with documentation of what you believe is the problem so they can see what it is.


I would recommend contacting Lenovo service centres and applying the normal phone techniques to get it replaced promptly.


Schedule a Call-back for faster support

English 24 hours a day 7 days/week 

During business hours, you may also engage with live chat support.


Update us how it goes.







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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

I had the same issue and Lenovo Service refused to fix it - they said it's cosmetic thing and doesn't qualify to being fixed by warranty service. I've spent 2 weeks asking why. I've read whole document about warranty agreements in my country and there is no such thing as "cosmetic defect". I've asked based on what document they refused to accept my RMA - nothing. My issue got closed and no one from Lenovo bothered to resolve it properly. Meanwhile on this forum people are encouraged to send their hardware to fix this issue. I repeat again - I haven't found anything that would state that I cannot use warranty service for such defect.


Lucky me the customer service from store where I bought it agreed to replace it. Then I replaced another one because of bad pixel. Yesterday I received third Yoga and guess what - I wrote another request to replace it because of bad pixel again. Although specs are great the quality is terrible.


I'm trying really hard to give Lenovo a chance but they haven't gave me a single reason why should I. Now 4th laptop I'm going to pick won't be from their brand. All I got is "we're sorry".

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

Hello -


Let me see if I can explain with more detail.


When I open the computer, the base of the computer is not level but slants downward from left to right. 


The right side of the computer lays flat on the table, whereas the left side of the computer doesn't lay flat on the table, but is raised slightly. The problem gets worse the more I open the top of the computer. If it's completely closed, the entire base lays flat. But once I begin to open the top and slant it backwards so that I can work, the base begins to slant. 


Hopefully this provides a clear picture of whaat I mean.20170123_224632.jpg


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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

@oparaiso That's unacceptable for a high end product like yoga 710, I'd say get it replaced.

EDIT: ..If it bothers you ofcourse, and I'm guessing it does Smiley Embarassed
@DragDay7 , yes the quality of the 710 yoga is bad. 1st laptop had a backlight bleed and the replacement product has a minor problem; the display is slightly left from the body when the laptop is closed. It can be seen but I guess I can live with it for now..

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

I just received my 910 yesterday and have the exact same issue!

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

Did this get resolved? I have a the same issue with my new Yoga 720.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 710-14: Base is not level

Bad quality control I guess. Other units had the same problem.

Gettin'  new computer involved more than 15 days plus reinstalling everything, so finally I didn't change it... not really happy.

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