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Yoga 710 14"(Kaby Lake) - BAD build quality

2017-03-01, 16:53 PM

I am on my third Yoga 710 14" unit, all of them had different build quality issues. One was bent, another had a crack between the bottom and top of the chassie, both from factory. On the new one it only took a few weeks before I noticed new problems. 


The laptop makes a lot of noise and creaks whenever I lift it up, open or move the screen lid, just change its position on my lap etc. It makes these cheap creaking noises often seen on very cheap old laptops and toys, but this computer is very expensive so it should not do this. It is not a very loud noise, but you can hear it almost all the time unless the laptop is stationary on a table etc. it is espesially noticable if I lift it up and rotate or mildly shakes it. I've never experienced this before, unless it was a very low end laptop. Have any of you encountered this issue before?


There is also quite a bit of light bleeding in the top right corner. 


It feels very cheap when it makes noises and creaks like that when I simply pick it up. 


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Re: Yoga 710 14"(Kaby Lake) - BAD build quality

2017-06-25, 15:13 PM

My laptop cracks a lot when adjusted too which is really disappointing to me. The entire body cracks on mine which makes me unsure of the build quality, however in all other aspects this laptop performs and looks like a laptop well above its price point so as long as the build quality issues don't break the laptop, I'm content with having to deal with cheap cracking sounds every now and then.


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Re: Yoga 710 14"(Kaby Lake) - BAD build quality

2017-06-27, 4:16 AM
I've got the 710-14IKB.
The hinges sometimes has a slight creak when opening up but I've seen this on several laptops (even expensive ones) and it doesn't happen every time. Other than that, no bends, cracks, or heavy light bleed.
It looks like you're very unlucky with the ones you've gotten so far.

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Re:Yoga 710 14"(Kaby Lake) - BAD build quality

2020-09-22, 9:57 AM

hello, i've just got my lenovo yoga slim 7 and i did have this issue too ! the right bottom lower body made a cracking sound a lot when i pressed it as a result whenever i try to lift it, even from the left side, it still do the cracked sound.  i realized the main problem is because the back cover (that one that covers the fan and all of the stuff) is not a perfect match with the body itself. there's a visible gap, quite big. Plus it's actually really hard to open the laptop, i think there's a magnet kindda thing (?) but it's deff to strong. The hinge in the laptop could not support it. 


its actually annoys me because yes this laptop and your laptop ain't cheep and this issue made it sound like it is. I decide not to return it because getting this laptop in a pain in the ass, i need to preorder it for a few weeks while my current laptop is dying. Another reason is because i've also seen a youtuber complaint about this laptop build quality (but have different issue with mine). Sigh, lenovo you need to do better. 

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