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Yoga 710 141KB doesn't turn ON

I have a Yoga 710 141KB, the other day I was using it and battery light started flickering so I plugged in the charger but it didn't charge and the laptop just died.

I plugged in my charger to charge it (thinking that the battery would have been drained) but battery light didn't come ON when I plugged my charger , nothing at all. And when I try to press the power ON button nothing happens. There is no power light that comes ON when I press the Power button. 


Both my charger and my laptop were working fine and all of a sudden this happened. My battery was charging fine when I plugged in my charger previously.


Now there is no battery light at all when I plug in my charger. I cannot power on my laptop at all since probabaly all the battery has drained and now it doesn't charge when I plug in the charger nor doesn't it come ON when I press the power button.


Not sure if its problem with my charger or my laptop itself.


Please help. Any help would be greatly apprecaited.



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Re: Yoga 710 141KB doesn't turn ON

If you don't have a backup charger, I highly recommend you get one. I have parrots who just love to bite through cords, so I have three. Plus a soldering iron for repairs.


That said, if you don't have a backup charger, just walz the computer into Best Buy and have a salesguy connect one of theirs. That'll give you some idea if it's the charger or your Yoga.

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Re: Yoga 710 141KB doesn't turn ON

what charging light are you getting (near the charger input)?.

If nothing then it's most likely bad charger.

You can also try leaving your laptop plugged in for a long time(like more than jus a few hours). If you are able to boot it then check windows event viewer to find what happened.


My 710 - 15ISK's battery or PSU (most probably PSU) failed just a couple days ago, without any indication of why. It just stopped.

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Re: Yoga 710 141KB doesn't turn ON

On most laptops, pressing the power button while on an empty battery will make the LED light of the battery signal flicker a few times. See if that happens. Now, you should really try testing the charger on another laptop or getting another charger if there's no other laptop to test it on. The culprit is most likely the charger (They can stop working right before your eyes!). If that doesn't help, then the battery will be the next suspect. If replacing the battery doesn't solve it, then the motherboard is dead. However, those are worse case senarios. Let me know what happens.

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