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Yoga 710-14IKB Ram upgrade disaster - constant battery drain in sleep!



I have purchased the Lenovo Yoga 170-14IKB with 1080p touchscreen, 8gb RAM and i5-7200U.

Since it is a bit older, and I realized I need more RAM for my school projects and assignments, I decided to go for a "Crucial SO-DIMM 16GB DDR4 SDRAM 2400MHz CL17 Dual Ranked" memory, since on the Crucial's website it was stated that this Yoga supports that RAM.


So I clicked purchace, got the RAM, upgraded, and suddenly my Yoga is warm when in sleep. It also draws so much power in sleep in Windows 10, that it discharges in a few hours when still in sleep.


Before the upgrade, the Yoga lasted a week or two in sleep mode. Now, only a few hours.


Is there any way to solve this issue? I was considering a BIOS upgrade might help, but I'm running the lates bios 2XCN38WW (V2.12).

Are you aware of this issue? Is anyone else having this issue?


Can I provide you with any more information to help me solve this problem? I need my Yoga's battery life as I spend a lot of time in school during the day.


Also, I'm running Window 10 x64 Pro - build 17134.


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Yoga 710-14IKB Ram upgrade disaster - constant battery drain in sleep!

I am guessing that your problem is the power setting, and not the upgraded RAM


Your laptop should enter hibernation mode (writes current state to a file on disk (hiberfil.sys) and powers completely off) at some point after entering sleep (writes current state to RAM and and powers part of the way off)    If you are carrying your laptop around during school in a backpack etc., you definitely want it going into hibernation and not just sleep, because sleep still generates heat, so your cooling fans may actually be running while you pack it around.


Note:  Windows creates a hiberfil.sys that is roughly 40-42 % of the physical RAM, so make sure you have around 7GB free disk space for it too work.


The period of time before the system switches from Sleep to Hibernation is set under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings/advanced Power Settings


You can also force the system to hibernate immediately by Right-clicking Start >> Shutown or Sign out >> Hibernate to see if Hibernation is working properly (you still need to set the timer for when you just close the lid etc.).     


It takes a little bit longer to resume from hibernation than from sleep, but you battery will last longer, and your laptop will not be getting hot while being transported, and if the batteries should run low, you will not lose any unsaved data.



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Re: Yoga 710-14IKB Ram upgrade disaster - constant battery drain in sleep!

Hey, thanks for a reply.


You're not exactly right.

As I mentioned. The power settings were not changed at all, and with the original RAM stick, the computer goes to sleep, the LED fades.

It can be in this sleep state, not hibernation state for almost two weeks with almost no battery drain.


With the new RAM, no power settings were changed, I put the laptop to sleep. It drains a lot of power and I can feel on the back of the laptop, that the RAM is warm. 


This was not caused by any change in power settings, it was only the upgrade that made the laptop battery life during sleep so much worse.

Maybe I should have tried another RAM manufacturer?


As you mentioned, until this issue can be confirmed and solved as an actual issue, because I think it is (maybe people who opted for the 16GB RAM variant of this laptop right with the purchace could tell me if they are having bad battery life during sleep), I will change the power setting into hibernation.


I hope for more answers as I would like to experience the original Yoga battery life with this extra RAM.


Thank you nevertheless.

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Re: Yoga 710-14IKB Ram upgrade disaster - constant battery drain in sleep!

@JDGIllis is right. Maybe YOU didn't change a setting, but something got changed or, by coincidence, a Windows Update changed something before or after you added the RAM. Windows is notorious for that.


It's highly unlikely your computer remained in sleep mode for two weeks. More likely, it dropped into hibernation after a certain time, as it's designed to do.  But the fact it's not automatically happening, anymore, most likley means a setting has changed, somewhere.

I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo. I love beer.
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Re: Yoga 710-14IKB Ram upgrade disaster - constant battery drain in sleep!

Maybe he is right. But I'm telling you.


- Before = great battery life during sleep, almost no percentage is lost.


- Changing the ram to 16GB = fast battery drain in sleep.


- Reverting back to the original 8GB ram stick = back to the grat sleep battery life.


It's not Windows related. Maybe in the sense that when it's got more ram it behaves wierdly.

But if I stick to the original 8GB stick, the battery last a week when in sleep mode. I never put my Yoga into hibernation. I always kept it in sleep mode, as it was a default setting. The LED fades, that is how I know that it is sleeping and ready to be woken up at any time.


I did what @JDGIllis said. Changed it to hibernation instead of sleep. Sure, a fix. But that turns off my Yoga completely.

It also takes much more time to wake up.


If it was a software change, a setting change, then swapping back the original stick of ram wouldn't have fixed the issue.

I also checked all the setings before and after the change. NO settings changed.


The issue definitely has something to do with the new RAM, or the system not operating it properly, meaning that the ram does not itself go to a low power state (if that is a thing).

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