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Yoga 710 - No brightness adjustment support in Windows but in Linux it's perfect

I know my Yoga 710 is well past the warranty period and I complained to Lenovo long ago about the issue - the backlight is at full brightness all the time, it cannot be adjusted in any manner, ever, running Windows. And yes, I've successfully installed Windows 7 Professional x64 on this Yoga 710 in the recent past with 100% hardware support, even the touch screen was working and Device Manager was fully compliant, no yellow or red error notifications at all.

But even under Windows 7 I had no ability to adjust the brightness and that means so much for the vaunted "8 hours of battery life." Now given this laptop is older, and the battery holds about 97% capacity from the original factory state, but because that backlight cannot be adjusted at all that means I barely get 2 hours from this thing even with the adjustments using Lenovo Vantage and the latest drivers for ALL the hardware.


I really have to say I'm quite pissed at Lenovo for not resolving this because I've seen a bunch of people here and at other forums complaining about this problem with the Yoga series of laptops/convertibles.

Oh, and I shut down rigtht now when I'm done with this post, then insert a USB drive with any Linux distro on it - Manjaro, Arch, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, it doesn't matter - and as soon as it boots to the desktop I can adjust the brightness without a single issue.


So, I wonder why this issue is a problem for Windows and why it's never been adequately resolved. I spent time with various Intel GPU drivers, various RegEdit tweaks, I've spent entirely too much time attempting to get the **bleep** thing working properly and yes that means even with the factory restore done and fully updated.

The brightness cannot be adjusted with Windows, and I really wish it could. That aspect, and the fact that so much time has passed and it's still not resolved will cause me to never ever recommend a Lenovo product again.


</rant_off> Smiley Tongue

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