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Re: Yoga 710 keeps shutting down randomly despite full battery

I'm having the same problem with my Lenovo YOGA 710-15IKB. Operates normally on AC power. Random hard shutdowns to black screen every 1-5 minutes on battery power. Battery is always fully charged and holds a charge. I can reboot on battery and it will start up normally, indicating battery has enough power to reboot (and has enough charge to cycle through like this for hours if I keep restarting the machine).


Lenovo, what gives? Do you have a solution for your customers experiencing this problem?


Will cross-post this message on the two other threads addressing this issue:


Admin: threads merged, links removed

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Re: Yoga 710 keeps shutting down randomly despite full battery

I have the same problem with random shutdowns, except it only happens when my computer is plugged in.


Lenovo, I spent too much money on this laptop for this significant of a malfunction.  Please let us know how to fix it!


I have a 710-11IKB.

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Re: Yoga 710 - Shut Down Loop When on Battery

Hi Guys, I have been having the same crashing problem on battery on my Yoga 710 - I followed the info regarding removing the battery, holding down the boot button for 30 secs and then reinstalling the battery and restarting - my battery always stayed at 96%, after battery removal and install it shows 76%. The procedure works because I have been running on battery for the past hour without any problems. Hope this helps.


Update: I've just pluged back in the mains lead after 2 hours of use on the battery and it started to recharge the battery again I've never seen the battery start recharging before the batttery removal and install.

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Re: Yoga 710 - Shut Down Loop When on Battery

Made an account to help others in this post 


reviving a 2 year old thread LETS GOOOO

posting this it is April 27th 2019


I found the fix 




what I run:

I have a YOGA 720 that I bought 2 years ago which I use for doing my illustration work. same symptoms as OP.


Symptoms that I found:

- when unplugged running on battery it shuts off after 1 minute and 58 seconds of inactivity 

- all settings changed to keep it from falling asleep or shutting off for power saving were disabled, (even with the registry added setting fix: which adds "system unattended sleep timeout setting).

- unplugging the power cord from the laptop has the indicator light flash/ flicker orange quickly.

- Thermals show no overheating, CPU running at normal 25% capacity with no apps running

- using a Hardware temp reader program, Right before shut off GPU Temp reading blinks to zero (probably means nothing but CPU temp stayed up until black screen).



THE FIX: Pretty much open the inside of your laptop up and unplug the battery from the motherboard


1. flip the laptop over and remove the backplate by unscrewing the 9 screws on the back


2. once open unplug the battery from the motherboard,


*I Highly recommend unscrewing the battery also because the connector the battery uses to connect to the motherboard is pretty stuck in there, and you may need some delicate leverage from having the battery free to move it out of the way to slide it out and not damage the surrounding circuitry *


3. hold the power button down for 30 seconds, I dont know if this does anything but why not lets do it all!


4. screw the battery back in (its 4 screws on a 720 yoga, and plug it back into the motherboard and put the backplate back on


5. turn on the computer with battery power, mine was down to 50% on a full charge when I did this and it was only unplugged for less than a minute.


I am writing this maybe 10 minutes after doing this fix if I have any issues I will edit this post but so far so good!

(reasons for this battery issue are still unknown so please Lenovo use this and find out why this is happening to us)








What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 710 - Shut Down Loop When on Battery

Will this work with my yoga 910? I am having the exact same issue. It started with the 910 seeming to be able to stay on battery for less and less time over the last few week to now it dies immediatley when disconnected from battery. 

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