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What's DOS?
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Yoga 710 - high CPU usage


I frequently experience high CPU usage on my Yoga 710 (with Windows 10).

Using Process Explorer I see that the processes hogging the CPU are rundll32 which are running the dll called EnableAutoRotation.dll from Lenovo.

My Lenovo software is up to date.

See screen shots:



Any idea how to fix this issue? Am I the only one seeing it?



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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

Hi there, Duduamar –


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


Do an idle test

Click start type msconfig -> start up -> disable all reboot

You will have disabled all programs that start up with your pc open task manager and see if the cpu speed has dropped


If it has open msconfig again and turn on your firewall and av then reboot check turn on a few more check etc etc

Be warned that after the first disable all and reboot you will have disabled your firewall and av so don’t download or goto unknown web pages but it should be ok for a 2 min test


Update us how it goes.






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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

I have exactly the same problem.

This process is created even several times and also for the different users, using up the whole CPU.

Any help will be appreciated.


What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

Same problem here on ,my Yoga 900

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage



I am experiencing this problem frequently on my Lenovo Yoga 900 as well.  Please tell us:


  • Is there a newer version of this service?
  • Which utility/software package is it part of from the Lenovo website?
  • What exactly does this service do?  I want to understand what will stop working if I remove it.
  • How do I remove it?

Thank you,


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

Hi Randy, I'm frustrated and have the same problem. I'm sure thousands of people do, they just aren't noticing the extra rundll32 processes running and chewing up their cpu. So far to my knowledge, Lenovo has done NOTHING to fix it and i'm planning to return mine soon if it is not resolved.

Regarding your question, I believe the process running helps the laptop know wether the screen has been turned back into tablet mode or regular laptop mode, so that it can signal Windows to use the on screen keyboard or the laptop keyboard, etc....

For now I simply bring up task manager and kill the rundll32 process that will show up and usually chews up about 30% of the cpu. This seems to have no side affects, but is EXTREMLY annoying to have to do.  I also tried renaming the underlying Lenovo program, which stopped it from running, but then lead to other side effects of the keyboard not working properly when rotating the screen back and forth from tablet to pc mode.


If you do find a solution, or hear from Lenovo, please post it here. I'm only giving this another week and I'm returning mine. There's no reason to go thru such a basic flaw in their software on a brand new, failrly expensive laptop.

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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

I'm amazed that Lenovo has not addressed this problem and/or provided any resolution. As such, my resolution was to return the product and get a full refund. Luckily I bought mine from Costco, so the return was hassle free. I've been studying competing laptops and plan to try again with a different manufacturer. I was also looking at Lenovo's Yoga 910, but from reading other threads i'm pretty sure its the same software and has the same problems.


The fact that its been over a month and Lenovo has not responded makes me even happier that I made the right decision and returned it before I got past the 90 day return policy. Come on Lenovo, get your act together!

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

GogOslo hinted a a work-around that works for me.   The problem only occurs when more than one user is logged-in.  It seems that YogaModeControl service start an extra auto rotation process.   Having 2 of these processes creates a feedback loop where the processes are continuously running, rather than waiting patiently for the machine to rotate or flip into tablet mode.


The easy work-around is to log off all users other than the active users, this will close the extra autorotation process(es) and peace will be restored.


If you need both users logged in you can choose stop the YMC service or kill the extra auto rotation processes, but then the display won't rotate with the machine.



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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

Thanks mannyw,
This issue occurred right after I created a second Windows user and logged in.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 710 - high CPU usage

This is still a problem on my machine in 2019.  Has anyone found a more permanent workaround?  I have a family-shared laptop, each user with different ID's.  If we don't sign out the CPU gets consumed by the Lenovo autorotation dll whenever a 2nd user logs in.  Not cool.  Seems like this has been unresolved for years?  :_(



Lenovo CPU rundll issue.JPGTask Manager Screen Shot 2Lenov CPU rundll issue 2.jpgTask Manager Screen Shot 1  

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