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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 710 noisy fan blows directly into the internal microphone

I purchased the YOGA 710 for an online program requiring bi-weekly virtual classroom sessions and have been very disappointed with the fan and microphone locations on this notebook. Not only is the fan noisy like many others have complained of, but the fan is almost constantly running and blows DIRECTLY into the microphone and overrides any other noise input. My voice cannot be heard by others when using my microphone due to the overpowering "wind tunnel" sound effect created by the fan blowing into the microphone. I've had to slide a piece of paper of some sort between the fan and the microphone to prevent the overbearing noise, although it doesn't totally eliminate the issue. 

Has Lenovo acknowledged this poor engineering mistake? Are there any solutions or offers for a potential external microphone replacement/alternative for customers? I'm a bit disappointed that the poor design doesn't allow me to utilize the notebook for the sole purpose intended. Any help or advice is appreciated. It would be nice for Lenovo to have a customer support e-mail contact as a less-urgent alternative to their live chat option...

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Re: Yoga 710 noisy fan blows directly into the internal microphone

A few pieces of advice.

Get an external microphone. Even if you didn't have the fan issue, this will improve communications. There are USB microphones and cheaper ones that plug into the mic/headphone jack. Some you can just fasten to your shirt. Onboard microphones are nice, but they pick up all kinds of room echos and other sounds. Having a microphone close to your mouth makes the sound worlds better. Now, let's look at the fan problem:


Use Lenovo Vantage to update all of your drivers and, especially, the BIOS. I can't recall if the 710 BIOS has a quiet mode like the 901 and 920 do, but it's still worth doing.


Find out what's causing the fan to run constantly. Use Task Manager to locate any program or process that's hogging the CPU. Virus Scanners are particularly suspect, especially if you don't use the computer all that often. They tend to lauch a full system scan as soon as you boot the thing up. Ditto Windows Update.  Especially look for any process that starts with TODO. I don't know about the 710, but my 920 is best run on the battery. Plugged in, the charging circuitry adds to the heat inside the computer and the result is a constantly running fan.


If all else fails, look into a laptop cooling pad. I've found my 910 fan rarely runs when it's sitting on one. They're a little quieter and this moves the airflow away from the microphone.


Even if the above helps, I'd still recommend looking into an external microphone. 


Let us know how it goes.

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