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Re: Yoga 720 13" FAN NOISE - UGH!!!

2019-02-01, 5:17 AM

I know this reply's a little late, but this always works for me, without needing to underclock my laptop. I've only ever had to do it twice. The general idea is to open up the bottom lid, inspect if anything like hair or thread is in the fans and to remove it. 


Be very careful when you're doing this procedure and make sure to read all of the steps carefully before proceeding. I'm not responsible for any problems that come as a result of trying these steps. 


1. Completely shut down the laptop (sleeping or hibernating the laptop isn't good enough). Disconnect any attached devices.

2. Shut the lid closed and turn the laptop over, with the bottom facing up.

3. Using a T5 screwdriver, unscrew all screws on the bottom side. 

  • Make sure to put the screws in a safe place.
  • Also, please group the removed screws based on the row you got them from, because they have different lengths.

4. Use a plastic electronics pry tool or something similar to gently pry open the bottom lid

  • DO NOT use a metal tool to pry the laptop unless you want scratches!
  • PLEASE watch a video or follow these steps if you aren't sure where to pry at, unless you want scratches.

3. Look into the two fans. If there's a strand of hair or thread in there, gently pull it out.

  • The fan hitting it causes the grinding sound 
  • don't remove/unscrew the fan to do this, otherwise, you'll have to redo the thermal paste. If you choose to do so, make sure to do thorough research on how to do it, what pastes to use, how much to use, and watch a several videos. Don't use bad, cheap thermal paste, it will not be worth it. It's costly, so you should not do this all the time.

4. Blow air from the vent at the back side so that the fans spin. Do this with the bottom lid still off. You can also use compressed air.

5. Put the bottom cover back on the laptop, and snap it into place. Don't screw in the screws yet, we're going to test if the noise is gone. 

6. Turn on the laptop. There should be no more grinding fan noise.

  • if there still is fan noise, shut off the laptop completely. Then reopen the bottom lid, and try clearing it again with air.
  • another thing you can do (RISKY) is:
    • Shut down laptop completely and open up bottom cover.
    • Attach a USB mouse
    • With the backside of the screen still on the table and bottom side of the laptop facing the ceiling, open up the laptop just a little bit (30 degrees) so you can see the screen.
    • Turn the laptop on. DO NOT touch any of the exposed circuits, fans, etc.
    • Run some intensive app like Photoshop or a video game, get the fans spinning for a few minutes (5 - 10).
    • Then turn the laptop completely off, and snap lid back on and repeat step 6.
    • If this doesn't work, maybe the fans you have are actually broken.

7. Screw the screws back into the bottom cover


How to prevent noisy fan:

- don't use the laptop in bed, if you get a hair or thread stuck in there, the fans keep hitting it, producing ear piercing grinding sounds; otherwise be prepared to follow above steps.

- use the laptop on a clean hard surface.



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Re:Yoga 720 13" FAN NOISE - UGH!!!

2020-12-23, 5:40 AM

On the fan I found there was a sticker peeling off from the circle in the middle. The other fan's was not peeling off and it works fine. So I peeled it completely off of the fan that was making the noise and then removed the glue by dabbing the surface with electrical tape. I'm really not sure if what I've done is safe or not, but it doesn't make any noise at all now. 

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