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Paper Tape
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Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

Just bought a brand new Yoga 720 13" from Best Buy and within two days started experiencing issues with my trackpad/cursor. On start-up everything works great; within a few minutes the cursor starts glitching (becomes larger/pixelated, jumps around the screen, won't click on windows) and will sporadically disappear entirely. Happens on application startups or refreshing pages, and seems to mainly happen in Office 365 (in excel especially, which makes work very inconvenient) and chrome.


Have been reading through past forum posts and am definitely not the ony one experiencing this, yet have seen no solutions anywhere. Have tried updating firmware/drivers, resetting, etc and still experience the same problems.


Really frustrated by this considering everything else about this laptop is fantastic. 


Additional specs:

Intel Core i5

8.00 GB RAM

Windows 10 64

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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

First try this to get rid of the cursor disappearing:

1. Left click on the Desktop icon from the Windows 8, 10 start menu.

2. Move the mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the screen.

3. A menu should pop up and you need to left click on the Settings icon you have present there.

4.  Left click on the Control Panel feature.

5.  Left click on the Mouse icon.
Pointer freezes Windows 10

6. A window with Mouse Properties should open; you will need to left click on the Pointer options tab in the upper side of the window.

7. You will have to uncheck the box next to Hide pointer while typing.

8. Left click on the OK button in the lower side of the screen.
Cursor freezes every few seconds


Now try these steps to fix glitching issues: 

1. Open Control Panel and navigate to Mouse section.

2. Navigate to the Pointer Options tab and disable Enhance pointer precision feature. Now click on Apply and OK to save changes.
Cursor freezes when typing



If those two don't work, I suggest going into Device Manager by searching Device Manager in Windows Search, and uninstalling device under HID-compliant mouse in the mouse and pointing devices section.  In Device Manager, you can also try uninstalling updates or also applying new updates.  


And also, ensure that you don't have any security programs running since that might cause an effect. 

Eric Xu

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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

I have the same problem and it comes and goes.  Mostly it's here, but there have been times when the curser is not as bad as it is most of the time.  I'm using a mouse, and I've tried many, both wired and wireless.  I'm convinced it's not the mouse.  I've even spoken with Lenovo support and they've walked me through some options (similar to the supposed solution below).  None of them work.  The Lenovo rep who was unable to solve the problem wasn't very concerned.  She's not the one dealing with it after all. 


The "Solution" below won't fix it, but it won't hurt to try.  I have a Lenovo Flex 3 by the way.  It's the last Lenovo I'll ever buy.  Fool me once... 


Sadly you'll have to learn to live with the problem until you sell the computer or buy a new one.  Think of it as a feature that Lenovo adds in to keep you focused. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Several problems with Yoga 720

This disappearing mouse pointer issue is a real pain. Taking time to Restart is non-productive. PLEASE find a solution and let me know ASAP!



Paper Tape
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I have recently bought this notebook, it's been working well but suddenly the trackpad doesn't respond. I have tried the hotkey, cause I thought I hit it, but it wasn't the case. It works well after I restart the computer. Please help, I have checked and there are other users reporting the same problem somewhere else.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

Same problem with me re. the mouse/cursor. I have to restart which takes MUCH interrupted time. I've tried the solution listed, but it did not work for me.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

The problem seems to exist for several moths now and still no fix. I wrote a mail to Lenovo (also regarding other problems) - no response so far.

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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

Just set scaling to 125% or disable Lenovo Utility in Startup (hotkey application). This bug is caused by Lenovo Utility if scaling is 150% or higher.


Lenovo: Please fix it! It's definetely Lenovo Utility issue, because when I disable it, there's no problem. Also when scaling is set to 125%, there's no problem.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

Thank you for your reply - I'll try that.

But still I do not understand, why the hell this does not get fixed then, if the cause is already located. :-/
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 720 13" cursor disappearing/glitching

Ok, this topic is a bit old, but some replies are new, so i hope some people are paying attention to this.


(Skip to the bottom for a quick summery of what i did to ignore this speal)


I may have found a solution, atleast for me. I used PC-Decrapifier to uninstall 2 things  called "lenovo system utility"(there's two of them there both labeled the same way in the application), both are in the 3rd collum when you run a system analysis with the app. The mouse still dissapeared when my computer came out of sleep, So i tinkered and tried to find drivers. After a few hours looking for an Elan driver on lenovos support page for my device (Even gave them the exact model number so it couldnt have been anywhere else), I went to check Lenovo Voltage (the built in application for random stuff that lenovo has, like updates, hardware info ect.), this was kind of a last resort because i thought it wouldnt be on there it would be better to install any drivers myself..but i twas wrong.


I went to the check for updates section, and i got 2 things back that needed to be updated, one was an intel security driver and one was a bios update (maybe i missed them on the support page..but i didnt see either of those when i looked .-. anyways), so i installed them, for the bios update you do kind ofhave to put up with the built in "InSYder" software, but the installation isnt hard, most of it is automatic, just keep your device plugged in and your system will reboot, turn off a few times and turn back on. At this point i was estatic! "did my problem get fixed? Can i close my laptop now without worrying about the mouse cradling back to no mouse land??!!?!? no. No it did not...


So! after roughly 5 minutes of derping around again looking at other lenovo utilities, and randomly after closing task manager...a green loading bar popped up in the middle of the screen, and then it said that there was an Elan Touchpad driver that needed to be installed..and my system would reboot...whaaa. So, i installed,and waited, and rebooted, and then tried it out...and..Lo and Behold, the cursor stayed.


So..basically this is what happened, in a checklist so my sphele is easier to understand


-unintalled two lenovo startup ulitities via PC-Decrapafier

- went to Lenovo Voltage, checked for updates and followed all dialog boxes eventually updating the BIOS

- After rebooting i went to task manager, opened random apps, and a green bar appeared in the middle of the screen prompting for an elan driver update, said yes, followed dialog boxes, and rebooted.

- Turned computer back on and all was well, cursor stayed, my life is complete and i wont have to return the laptop





Edit: Also dont know if it will really matter, but im running the model with an i3 7100U and 4gb of Ram, i know some hardware configurations may be different with this model number

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