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Yoga 720 13IKB new out of box, full charge - battery life 2 h 20m

Please tell me this is not waht i should have expected!   My Brand new (like i bought it last night) Yoga 720 on a full charge only lasts 2 hours.  Is it defective?   I tested it by playing a movie on Netflix without the charger plugged in and half way through the movie, i'm at 50%, so the meter seems to be correct.  



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Re: Yoga 720 13IKB new out of box, full charge - battery life 2 h 20m

It's possible you got a bad one. It's also possible the computer, being brand new, is doing a lot of things that eat battery. FWIW, I've noticed the battery gauges are rarely accurate out of the box. They give a best-guess depending on what the computer's doing over a particular slice of time. If your machine is downloading and installing windows updates, doing a virus scan, updating other programs and what-have-you - like all new computers do - then that coupled with a gauge that hasn't learned the computer, yet, could lead to the indications you're getting.


Give it a couple of full charge-discharge cycles. Let everything update. Update your BIOS and drivers, as well. If your machine came with McAfee, temporarily disable it.  THEN see what kind of life you get. If it's still short, use Task Manager to see if anything else is running in the background. If not, then it's possible you got a bad battery.


My first day with my 920 showed 4 1/2 hours. Now, it routinely shows anywhere from 6-9 hours. In practice, it runs about 5 or more when I'm using it on the road (word processing and light web browsing). My 910 did 4 hours running movies on a flight. It showed 30 minutes left when I plugged it in during the layover. It ran another 90 minutes during the second leg of the flight and probably would have gone longer but the flight was over. 

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