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Yoga 720 15-IKB 80x7 - Shutdown/sleep issues related to System Interface Foundation

Okay so I have put off posting here for quite some time while I attempted to solve the problem on my own. Whenever I attempt to shutdown or sleep my laptop, the screen will go black but the fans ramp up and the power button light remains on. This eventually drains the battery or I have to hard shutdown the machine.


I have searched and searched for a solution but none were effective for my problem. These include changes to Intel Management Engine, reinstalling all current drivers, running troubleshooters, performing sleep studies, running cmd prompts like sfc or dism, etc. I have traced this problem to a specific program/driver: System Interface Foundation.


If I disable this driver and related services, my problems no longer occur. However, I lose the functionality that comes with Lenovo Vantage and other dependencies. If I have it start the service manually, it will not occur until the service starts but then I have to stop the service and disable it again or the problem will occur. If I don't do anything to the service, the sleep and shutdown functions initially work until the service automatically starts.


I am looking for a solution of which I can continue using Lenovo Vantage and the interface foundation software without these sleep/power issues. A patch of some sort would be ideal or for someone to explain why the hardware seems to disagree with the software.


Thanks to anyone who can help.


PS I have scoured this forum for any remotely related topic and did not find one, but point me in the right direction if it exists.

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