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Yoga 720 15” Shutting off when warm and becoming completely unresponsive.

Hi guys so I’m literally at my wits end. Iv had 3 Dell reburb laptops, all of which had issues and had to be returned and so I decided to try a Yoga 720. It’s the 15” one and it’s got some nice specs (16GB RAM, i7 7700HQ, 1TB SSD, GTX 1050 2GB) especially for what I paid (around £1250).


First thing I noticed straight off the bat, screen bleed, basically backlight leaking in the corners of the screen producing god like rays towards the center of what should be a black screen, but oh well iv gotten over that.


What I haven’t got over however is the fact that sometimes playing games it decides to shut off (instant black screen, no shutting down notification) and then becomes completely unresponsive, power button does nothing and even the LED next to the charging port doesn’t come on when the cable is connected. In fact, the ONLY way iv been able to fix it, period, is to take off the bottom cover and disconnect the battery cord from the rest of the laptop, after reconnecting it works like a charm... until it happens again.


Whats causing this? It’s worth noting it is quite hot when it does shut off. Plus it only ever happens while playing games and it doesn’t seem to matter what game or what settings.


Honestly I just don’t want to have to send it in for repair as I bought it from the USA so il have to send it there and who knows what damage it will get between here and there... plus it could be returned to me with the same issue again, or a worse one.


Any advice?



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