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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 720 15 not turning on



I've had this laptop for a bit less than a year, so I believe the warranty is valid, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do myself. I was using it plugged in although it had a full battery. I have an Anker power bank that was nearly out of battery, on which I was charging my phone. I thought it supported pass through charging but apparently it didn't, so my mistake.


Upon connecting the bank (and the phone) to my laptop, the laptop immediately shut off and I could tell the lights in the room flashed very quickly. Since then (at writing this less than one day ago), the laptop will not power on. When connected to the wall the small charging light turns on and is white. The power button lights up for a couple of seconds before turning off again when pressed. Fans do not start, display does not turn on nor do the keyboard lights. I figured it may have overheated at first, but the bottom was not hot to the touch. There were no signs of smoke or smells indicating a bad electrical problem.


I've tried pretty much just holding the power button for different amounts of time (10sec, 30sec, 1min) and nothing happens. I believe I've done something to the battery but I'd like to know what.


Thank you.

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Re: Yoga 720 15 not turning on

If nothing happens when you use the NOVO button, then I'd suspect a motherboard issue. Time to send it in. Probably time to extend the warranty, as well. 


Yes, the computer can be configured to supply power to the USB ports when shut off for charging phones and so forth, though I've never understood why anybody does that outside of a situation where your phone is dead and the computer's battery is the only viable option, or there's only one AC plug available and you need to charge both. USB wall chargers are a dime a dozen and if something damages one, it's cheap to replace. I'll give you an example.. my wife's phone's charging port somehow shorted out. Phone could still be charged wirelessly, but the phone's port and the USB car charger it was attached to at the time were toast. Had that been plugged into her laptop at the time, I'm pretty sure that would have been an expensive repair. 

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