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Paper Tape
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Yoga 720 (15") - Hard drive/SSD space?

My first post here! Hello. Is there only a single M.2 slot for drive storage space in the Yoga 720 15", or is there space for more than one drive (like, say a 2.5 inch SSD second drive)? It seems like a lot of the Thinkpads have space for two storage drives, but the non-Thinkpad Yogas and other "Home" computers only can be fitted with one drive. If the 720 15" only takes one drive, is it because it's too thin for another drive bay/space?


Actually, that brings me to another question. Considering how small M.2 SSDs are, why don't any laptops just have a second M.2 slot so you can put two little SSD drives in there to maximize storage (maybe some do and I've just not run into it yet)?

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 720 (15") - Hard drive/SSD space?

I'm interested as well, 0.5 TB might not be enough for me so I want to know if I can add a 2.5 inch drive or another m.2 ssd

Serial Port
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Re: Yoga 720 (15") - Hard drive/SSD space?


Sorry no space for a 2.5 inch drive and no free M.2 can only use a 1TB M.2 NVMe instead of the 512GB version. But the build in 512GB is fast as hell....use the Thunderbold interface for an external drive if needed.

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