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Yoga 720 - Audio delay when connected to HDMI


When I'm hooked up to HDMI and connected to a TV, projector, anything really, when I play a video there's no audio for about a second, and then it kicks in, correctly synced with the video. I have to manually rewind back to the beginning to hear the audio from the first second. I use this laptop for multimedia presentations which is why I really need to fix this problem.  When using my on-board speakers, I have no problems with audio.


This happens across any kind of video, whether it's streaming (youtube, etc), local video thru Windows Media Player or other apps, or video embedded in Powerpoint. In fact, when I check my audio settings and test the speakers, I can hear the problem there, too. The local speakers will play the sounds immiediately, but when I switch over to the HDMI-connected output, there's a delay there, too.


I'm using a genuine Lenovo USB-C hub hooked up to a new HDMI cable. I've tried other USB-C hubs and  other HDMI cables, and hooked everything into various TVs and projectors...makes no difference,


I have the latest BIOS, latest video drivers, audio drivers, etc. All windows updates are in. I have all "audio extras" turned off. 


I'm at a loss here. Other than getting a new laptop with a different brand, what can I do to make this issue stop?


Thanks in advance all. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 720 - Audio delay when connected to HDMI

I have the same problem on a Yoga 730 IWL. Would be nice to have a fix for this.


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