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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 720 Touch screen stopped working

My touchscreen suddenly stopped working one week ago. How do I reativate it? I have checked settings to be sure it is enabled; I have downloaded all Windows and Lenovo updates. Now what? Please advise! Thanks!!


Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 720 Touch screen stopped working

I have a similar issue.  After reading on the forums, it appears to be a common problem with the 720.  If you have a stylus you can try that to see if it works.  I am able to use my stylus, but not my finger.  Apparently there are 2 seperate hardware pieces behind the display that record touch - one can sense your finger (that is not working) - the other can sense the stylus.  My computer is 2 months out of warranty (bought it 14 months ago), and they told me I'm on my own for the fix.  After seeing how many other people have complained about this issue on the forums, and the complete lack of acknowledgement by the company, it is clear that they are aware that this is a faulty hardware issue, but are not willing to make it right.  You can call customer support, and they will walk you through updating your drivers, then uninstalling your touchscreen, then restarting the computer... none of it will work because it is faulty hardware.  If you're still under warranty I guess they might fix it for you.  If not, I would consider purchasing your next computer from a different company.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 720 Touch screen stopped working

I too have the exact same problem.  My Yoga 720 is also 14 months old and touchscreen stopped working but stylus works fine.  I even took most of laptop apart and unplugged/replugged the connector on the motherboard that connects the LCD.  Did not help.  My yoga 3 pro also had issues with touchpad the entire time I had it. Case screws constantly come loose which makes touchpad stop working.  I think I am done with Lenovo.

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