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What's DOS?
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Yoga 720 Touchscreen & Audio Stop Working on Day of Final Device Payment & Warranty Expiration

Yoga 720 121KB


8.00 GB


Windows 10

Most recent update (as of this posting) 2019-02 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7.2 for Windows 10 V 1809 for x64 (KB4486553)




I bought this 720 from Lenovo - directly - and through the Zibby payment system. This was an excellent way for me to get the device I wanted while paying a bit of extra interest.


The date is 3.23.2019.


My final payment to Zibby was posted 3.21.2019


My warranty expires 3.23.2019 - today.


Upon booting up this evening to watch a movie with my wife two things become apparent. The touchscreen has stopped working entirely and the volume of the audio has become extremely quiet - to the point where the movie we are starting is unwatchable (Office Space). I mean, c'mon - I'm not gonna watch this gem in sub-par conditions. I've also noticed that the options under the enhancements tab in the audio device settings screen have gone away. All I see there is a check box to enable/disable all audio effects - quite the far-cry from what I'm used to seeing on that screen.


I find this to be... Extremely convenient - I MEAN COME ON!! You couldn't make this $41T up.


I'm wondering if anyone else has run into a situation like this. They want to send me a box to ship my laptop to them with an expected turnaround time of 9 days. Nine days. 12345678 NINE days without the one thing that I use to make money every day of the week - and they're offering zero reimbursement or loaner options for me.  So I'm stuck with two options:


1. Get going with their warranty process (and lose money).

2. Keep this piece of conveniently timed broken sh*t and live with it going down the drain (and probably stll lose money).


As a buisness owner this is very frustrating - it makes me feel crazy. I'm just wondering why they can't put themselves in a customer's shoes and go all out to fix a problem like this - at least as I would. This comes down to providing value to someone who could have a lifetime value of hundreds of thousands of dollars - if they could keep me.


I asked one of their technicians *and* a supervisor: "What if your phone that you use to take calls all day broke down and I had you send it to me for 10 days?" "Would your company find you useful if you couldn't answer phones and act as technical support?" "Would they like to keep you employed as a cardboard cutout?"  I got the usual runaround of "I'm sorry this..." and "This is the only option sir."


This kind of thing really bugs me. I'm not a multi billion dollar company and frankly I'd give a limb (or all of them) to make a customer satisfied - to keep a customer whole. I do that every day. Why the hell can't Lenovo?


Let me know if you've run into this problem - please.






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