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Yoga 720 Warranty Extension issue

My Yoga 720 13" ( S/N xxxxx ) has been cycling through repairment centers for the whole year. There were problems related to wifi adapter, digitizer and display problems, hardware malfunctions (the mother board was even changed!). I have never had the clue to extend my warranty because i believed that Lenovo would refund me or would have swapped the laptop with another one (so with a new s/n ). The yoga came back from repairment center yesterday and it seems fine (except for the usual and well known "mouse pointer pixellation bug" and usual "wifi drops") but I can live with this (hoping that I dont find other bugs in the near future).

The problem is that my warranty runs out the 11 september 2018. As I remember there was the possibility to extend the warranty by 2 years for a fair price (last time I checked was May) but right now the only option is "post warranty deposit /CC for 1 year" at 51 Euro.

What happended? Can somebody get this solved ? 

One more thing : lenovo gave me a coupon code to use for warranty (with the laptop) but it is not working! 



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