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Paper Tape
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Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

Hi all,


My brand new Yoga is facing very frequent wifi connection loss.

I've updated BIOS and installed latest realtek driver downloaded from your web site. I've also tried to follow all suggestions in your how to and forum (apart chaning myself the wifi board with an intel one as suggested in the forum). The router has no problem since the

other 10 devices connected have no problem.


However, the problem persist. It is more frequent after the latest windows 10 update. I've also tried the "sfc /scannow" as suggested in the chat, but the problem persists. I've tried to submit a service request, but I always get the message that the SR has been refused!

Now I've switched off the bluetooth, and it seems that the problem is slightly reduced.


I cannot use with the switching off of the bluetooth the pen! This is pretty annoying! 


How can I get a service repair and/or get in touch with customer service to solve my issue?


Thanks for any suggestion




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Re: Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

Here are the support contact number for Italy:



For a full list of support phone numbers by country, visit this site:


Hope that helps!

Eric Xu

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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

I have the same problem, but only when unplugged using battery.  Consistent dropped connections, most of the time I have to turn the Wifi off and back on to be able to connect again.  Everything is updated, BIOS, drivers all of it.  I have tried changing settings to max performance, and going in and directly changing some win10 settings.  I've spent 10 hours searching forums and trouble shooting, frustrating. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

I had the exact same problem. I thought I would need to change to the Intel 8265 as others have suggested, but I dug a little deeper. The driver that was installed on the Realtek 8822BE adapter was version 2024.0.4.101, the latest one that is available for download on Lonovo's website. I decided to roll this driver back through the standard device manager option and now I have version 2023.79.606.2018 and now it works great. I have not had any disconnects running on battery now for over an hour.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

I also rolled back the driver and it works better, but not as it should.  I would say I have half the drops as I did before, but for whatever reason it still just not like certain connections.  For example, I run two wireless routers at home.  One for the kids devices (filtered at DNS level) and one for adults and smart devices.  One is a lynksys (all devices), the other is TP-Link (kids).  My laptop handles the connections pretty good with the TP-Link, maybe 1 drop an hour.  The lynksys was every few minutes, now with the rollback its probably once every 10  minutes or so.  Still not workable, and I have to have it plugged in while I am at home.  Frustrating.  When I work from Starbucks, the connection is ok and maybe one drop an hour.  When I work from my gym, the connection drops about once every 10 minutes.  In a week I am going to be on an 8 hour flight and will be purchasing wifi, if I have problems staying connected in the air I am done with this laptop.  Will be getting another laptop and Lenovo will be on a perminant blacklist for me.  I have spent sooo many hours trying to correct this problem they created and are seemingly not working to fix.  


So yes, the rollback on the driver helped, and the machine seems to have more of a problem with certain routers.  I am honestly furious over this.  Along with the problems I had on a Lenovo home PC I bought for one of my kids two years ago I am just done with Lenovo.  It's clear many people are having this problem and have for awhile with the YOGA series, and I don't see Lenovo doing anything about it. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

I had the same problem with the Realtek adapter cutting out. None of the fixes I tried with changing/updating drivers worked. I ended up switching out the adapter for the Intel 8265 and I now have no problems with internet access. I may have gotten used to the spotty performance, but I'd say the Intel adapter is much quicker than the properly functioning Realtek adapter.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 730-13IKB wifi problem

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