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Re: Yoga 730 EC Update stuck at 0%

2019-11-21, 18:41 PM

Unbelievable how the things are happening to me!


I'm a client from Brazil with the same problem.


I installed the bios update recommended by lenovo on august/01. I contacted support on august/02 and I sent my laptop to the service office on augst/14 (the very same day I was requested to send).


Since that, Brazilian Lenovo Office is treating my case as an exception, as they are doing me a favor. They argue that my laptop is not sold in Brazil and they don't have support for it.


Well, IT IS NOT A FAVOR!!!! Lenovo software was poping-up an anoying message several times a day recommending the bios update, and actually almost obligating me to install it. That's why I did it.


After long time, they imported a new motherboard. After installing it, they discovered a new problem: the LCD started to flicker. I searched this forum and discovered it is a common problem of this model. They asked me if I'd like to repair this problem too. Of course I'd like, the laptop is unusable without LCD!


Since that I'm waiting for pieces! It's unbelievable how long they take to repair my laptop. It's almost 4 months and I don't have any idea when I will receive it back.


And there's another problem.... after I receive it again, the warrant time will be expired. Are they taking so long time on purpose? 


Any idoneous company who cares about customer's satisfaction would have offer any alternative solution, like sending another equivalent laptop. Come on, it's 4 months, almost half the time of the laptop life.


Service tracking number: 5000189746

Serial number: MP1E9UHM


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Re: Yoga 730 EC Update stuck at 0%

2019-11-21, 22:22 PM
I agree with you and feel your pain. I ended up buying my own replacement motherboard and replace it myself. Lenovo is a joke. They make pretty machines and that is just about it. 

Now I have the old motherboard and don't even know what to do with it. I feel like I have been robbed by Lenovo.

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Re: Yoga 730 EC Update stuck at 0%

2019-11-25, 0:43 AM

I did the same as you. Buy a motherboard and replace it.


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Re: Yoga 730 EC Update stuck at 0%

2019-12-24, 10:33 AM

My story is similar to yours, I updated the bios too and the new bios fried the motherboard, After I sent it for repair, the system came back with the screen flicker issue. By then, the warranty period has already expired. So, I opened the back of the laptop and i noticed the screen cable was tight and there was extra packing on the port the screen cable is plugged. I removed the packing and try to reduce the tension on the cable by wiggling the cable gently around the hinge. Even since then, I have not observe any screen flicker. (mind you I sent mine from Nigeria to the US for the repair).


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Re:Yoga 730 EC Update stuck at 0%

2020-03-16, 21:28 PM

I have had exactly the same problem but only waited an hour before calling a technician, and he said that if it was still stuck to 0% for just under one hour, I should try shutting down my laptop (because the update wouldn't have started off yet if it kept saying 0%, so it shouldn't have done any damage). Then I had to unplug the charger and remove the battery (but as my laptop doesn't allow removing the battery, I didn't do so and it worked just as well), then I had to plug the charger back in and reboot my laptop and it started working again! 


I do need to mention that there's no garanty this will always work, but I think you should give it a try if this happens to you because it worked for me :)


One thing you certainly mustn't do if you have interrupted the update is starting the update again when Lenovo asks you to do so (which you most probably won't do after having been confronted with this problem, but you never know). This can seriously damage your laptop.


My technician told me that if Lenovo keeps asking me to do this update, I will have to have it checked on by him. I'll keep you updated :) if this happens!

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