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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 730 Fan noise!!

Just bought this laptop and I already regret it. After running all the updates, the fan still goes max speed as soon as I start a program or try to download something very small. The laptop is not even slightly warm but the fan goes like crazy. This should not happen for a high config like this and a completely fresh device. I finally convinced myself to buy a new laptop after my 10 yrs Dell was just hot and on high fan all the time. But, now spending 1200$ and see this!!! I have seen other people having the same issue and I do not understand why the company does not offer a solution when there is a relatively high number of people suffering from this issue! 

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Community Moderator
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Re: Yoga 730 Fan noise!!

That sounds like McAfee or some other AV program tasking the CPU as it scans whatever you're downloading. Some programs consume a lot of resources when they first launch, too, as they check for updates, create temporary files and so on.  To have the fan ramp up when downloading a file or starting a program isn't all that unusual. 


To see what's heating up the CPU, you can launch Task Manager. Look for anything that's consuming a large percentage in the CPU column.

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Paper Tape
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Yoga 730 Fan noise & Battery life

Hi, do you have still the same fan noise problem or you got any solution. I got my new (replacement) 15-inch Yoga 730 just five days ago. The first one had SDD issue and had unbelievable fan noise even when I had 3 or 4 tabs open on google chrome. The new one has the same problem, it has continued fan noise…..for any updates or during my R/MATLAB session,  the fans are blowing like a whistle. Trust me it was so annoying for the person who sat next to me during my Matlab programming class. It was like a train was passing next to my building. Just surprised, what kind of product does Lenovo launch in the market in the name of a premium product. Now when I am downloading a simple program like adobe reader fans go wild. So disappointing…. Most importantly, Lenovo lies about product’ battery life. Although they mentioned maximum battery life was 8-9 hours, but the true maximum battery life I got 3.21 hours when I just open my Gmail and YouTube on google chrome. So, it's not even perfect for my quarter-day long class work. I don’t understand why they mentioned that false information. No doubt, it looks gorgeous and seems user friendly and I like this laptop. Is there any solution to this disturbing noise or battery life? I hadn’t had this problem with my Toshiba and Dell XPS. There is no way I can use this if the fans are that loud. Would appreciate if you guys can respond.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 730 Fan noise & Battery life

Sorry no solution. Yeah, the only good thing about this device was the built and beauty. Performance, screen, fan and wifi were awful for the price. I gave up and retuned the second device as well, new searching for something different

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 730 Fan noise!!

Same here - I want to love this laptop so much; but this loud fan and wierd noises coming from it is scaring me. I bought it refurbished at Best Buy and the warranty is over. I installed the updates and recent drivers- did not change. Any soultions? 

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 730 Fan noise!! -> possible workaround found

I had the same issue on the Yoga 730-15IWL!
The "solution" or workaround, that worked in my case was:


1. Use passive system Cooling Policy

2. Use cool and quiet from Lenovo Ventage or decrease the performance via Windows 10 power mode slider


ad 1: (found here: Way 4. Use Passive System Cooling Policy to Fix the Fan Noise of High CPU Usage)

1. Right-click the power icon and select the Power Options. (or press WIN+X -> Power Options -> Additional Power Options)

2. Click the Change plan settings beside the current power plan.

3. Click the Change advanced power settings.

4. Scroll down and expand the Processor power management.

5. Expand the System cooling policy.

6. Select Passive from the drop-down menu of the option On battery and Plugged in.


ad 2: Customize Windows 10 Power Mode

NOTE: reset these settings (to best performance) whenever you need the full CPU power


Please try it out and report whether the workaround worked for you as well.

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