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Paper Tape
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Yoga 730 Keyboard Replacement



I recently got my Yoga 730 (back in December), and the keyboard has been acting super odd and I was wondering if this is a common issue or if there are any easy fixes.


Like a week and a half ago a set of keys on the right side of my keyboard started to break. It seems like these keys are all interconnected somehow based on their locations. The keys are, 0, P, [, ;, ', and /. The weird thing is they aren't completely broken. For example, yesterday I could not get any of those listed keys, along with G and H, to work, but this morning I opened up my laptop and they are all working perfectly. I am sure it is only a matter of time before they give out again.


The laptop is still under warranty, but they said the process of shipping it in, repairing it, and shipping it back will all take about 2 weeks which is a long time to not have a laptop I use a lot each day for both school and work.


I am wondering if there is possibly a simple repair I could do myself to fix the keys, or about how much would it cost to have a third-party repair shop do the fix in shop.


Some other miscellanous information: The keys are not 'sticky', they feel the same as the functioning keys so there is nothing preventing them from being pressed down completely. I have not spilled anything on the keyboard so there is no damage from that.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Yoga 730 Keyboard Replacement

Generally, if it's still under warranty, you'll want to send it in rather than fix it yourself and that's assuming it's the keyboard, itself, and not some driver conflict. 


Just to be clear, the keyboard is not physically "broken" in any way. It's just that the listed keys often don't function properly, correct?


You could try using System Restore to roll the 730 back to a restore point from before you had the issue. Also try a clean boot or boot into Safe Mode to see if it happens, there. 

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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 730 Keyboard Replacement

Thanks for the response.


Yes, there is nothing physically broken about the keyboard (at least visibly broken). I will give the system restore and clean boot a try to see what happens.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 730 Keyboard Replacement

I have the same problem with keyboard. Keys '0','p',';',''','/','[','-' don't work, but sometimes They start work perfectly in 5 minutes, after not work again. There is a suspicion that this is due to BIOS updates, becouse after last udpdate (9MCN24WW(V2.05),12 Jul 2019) keys work fine about 1 day.

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