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Yoga 730 screen flickering while using nVidia GPU

Hi, I have Yoga 730 15IKB with UHD display and nVidia GTX 1050 4GB graphics. The laptop is amazing. 

however I experience little screen flickering (more like dimming) at the moments my pro apps utilize nVidia GPU for computing (the apps are Substance Painter, Davinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, Fusion and others). I have no such a trouble on my desktop PC with these apps. 

1. When I disable nVidia in bios - there is no flickering

2. When I connect external monitor to HDMI (with nVidia on) - there is no flickering, I dont even have to restart the app, and as soon as I disconnect HDMI - flickering comes back

3. When I disable Intel HD 620 in device manager and run only on nVidia - no flickering. (in this case windows says the monitor is connecter to generic microsoft adapter and refresh rate is written 64hz instead of 59hz when Intel HD is on).

4. The flickering is happening only inside the application window: for example taskbar is not flickering! that's really weird


I've tried different drivers for nVidia from Lenovo website, from nVidia website, the same for Intel. I even tried to reinstall windows. 

It still looks like software issue (probably related to refresh rate but not for sure), nVidia customer support was investigating this case for a while and found no solution, for example in games it's not happening. 


Tried to capture it - 

a bit hard to see , but it's visible , and in reality it much more . (the camera is set to manual exposure so the dimming in the first part - this is the flickering that i experiense) even if it's minor, it's very annoying.

I hope there is a solution for this issue



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