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Yoga 900 13ISK Blank Display



I have a display issue that someone else has had and, unfortunately, the problem was so severe that the fix was that her computer was replaced by Lenovo via Best Buy.  I assume her warranty took care of it.  I'm hoping for a less expensive solution as I bought mine 13 months ago and the warranty expired last month.  


"When I turn on my Yoga 900, I see the "LENOVO" flash on the screen, then fade and I am left with either a gray or black screen.  Totally blank.  I tried the "turn off, press and hold f8 while you power on" suggestion I found online, but really no change though once and only once there was a brief flash of something, gone in a flash and back to blank screen.   

Really totally helpless with just a blank screen!" - I have the same issue. 


I also bought the laptop at Best Buy and sent it out to the Geek Squad.  They said that the 256GB Solid State Drive (5SD0H00092) needed to be replaced and they wanted to charge $582 for parts ($431) and labor ($151).  I declined the service so, basically, I paid a $35 (and a week's time) for a consultation in the form of the deposit. 


The entire reason I paid extra and bought a top of the line laptop with an SSD is because I wanted it to last.  It dosen't seem right to pay 50% of the orginal cost to get it fixed.  When I bought it last year, I could have spent half the amount for a different laptop and still have had pretty good specs.  Anyway, they sent it back to my local store after I declined and when I picked it up today one of the Geek Squad members told me that the OS doesn't come pre-installed on hard drives anymore so I'll have to buy Windows 10 again after I get a new SSD.  So, now I'm up to $700 before tax (high in Chicago) with that additional $120.  Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't buy a used 13 month old laptop for $700.  (Especially after I already did pay $1300 for it.)  I'm against upping my payment to $2000 today for this laptop after they agreed to sell it to me and finalized the transaction for $1300 last year.  I found the same used model for $817 on Amazon for comparison.  Well, maybe Win10 installed would have been included in that $582 price.  I don't know.  Either way, the idea is the same.  $640 after tax seems like a lot.  It doesn't make sense to me to pay twice for the same computer.  And if that's the only solution that I have, wouldn't I just put that $640 towards buying a new laptop?  So, then I affectively just "rented" this laptop for $100/month?  That seems pretty steep.  If that's the real cost for this product wouldn't I buy something else instead?  Because why would I trust that this wouldn't happen again?  And wouldn't I buy it from somewhere else?  Because why do they deserve my business?  I know that I'm ranting but I don't see how this is going to work out. 

So, does anybody have any advice on this other than calling Levono or calling Samsung (the maker of the SSD)?  I guess I could try to do all this myself and buy a used SSD on Amazon for $99.  (Used should be fine.  SSDs last forever, right?  Right?  Oh.  Hey, I just found a new one on Amazon for $116!  Wait, why did Best Buy want to charge me $431 for the part?  Even if it had full price $120 Win10 with it that's still $311 for the part.  But they sell Win10 with a new laptop for $80 which I already bought the first time so it shouldn't be $120.  So $351 for the SSD.  That's a lot, right?)  So, then I need to get on YouTube and learn how to install it myself because $151 for the labor to put it in there seems like a lot, too.   And then try to find Windows 10 at a discount somewhere and install that?  Why are there so many different prices for Win10, anyway?  I understand getting a discount when you buy a high priced item with it, like a laptop, but not as a stand-alone item.  MSFT's website says $120 and I see it discounted down to $50 on other vendors' websites.  Is this just an inefficient marketplace?  Why would anybody pay $120 to Microsoft for something they can buy for $50 elsewhere?  Are they not really selling an identical item on the other sites?  Is there that much risk buying it from somebody other than Microsoft?  I don't get it.  Sorry, I'll get off of that tangent. 


So, should I buy the SSD and WIn10 for a total of $150 (maybe $236) and fix it myself?  There's definite risk in me screwing it up and damaging the innards of this laptop and having to pony up for a new one on top of the $150 I just spent.  Why am I so angry?  If I can do it myself, that doesn't seem so bad, I guess.  Maybe I'm just angry that there's a $550 premium that somebody tried to charge me over that $150 if i have sombody else do this?  Is that it?  Maybe.  Oh yeah, I'm angry that I specifically paid extra to avoid this problem in the first place but still have to pay even more to fix it.  I guess you can say that I should have purchased the extended warranty.  But instead of doing that, I just spent more money on getting the SSD so that I wouldn't need the extra warranty.  I kept getting told that SSDs last forever.  I choose poorly.  And also, I need to research how to save my data, if possible.  Let's not forget that.  That's another reason I paid extra for this laptop with an SSD – to protect my data.   


I guess I'll just take that $700 that it costs to fix this and buy an Acer 2-in-1.  If that breaks after the warranty expires, I'll just buy a new one.  I can do that twice and still breakeven after amortization.  Three of those new Acer laptops have pretty much the same cost as buying and fixing this one once, right?  I know they're not as good, but all three Acers can't break at 13 months.  So, by the time (5 years?) I buy the 3rd one, it's specs should be better than today's top of the line 2-in-1 that will be 5 yeard old by then.  Why didn't I think of this before?  Three for the price of one!  How can I lose? 


Maybe, I have to hope the Geek Squad was wrong and it's really a simple software problem I can fix on my own.   


Full Disclaimer: While it was working, I really loved it, by the way.  I secretly liked it more than my MacBook Pro.  If I were the kind of guy that liked to write, I'd probably rave about the product with praise and a very pleasant and effusive review.  I'm such a sap.  I know I won't be happy with a lesser laptop.  I'll just end up paying top dollar again.  I'm so dumb.  Don't I understand the value of money?  Don't I understand that I shouldn't reward bad behavior?  


OK, I'm going to stop freaking out now.  If this does end up working out well, I promise to spend as much time and effort explaining how I fixed it and / or praising the product and service.  Maybe this is such a rare issue that there isn't really a set protocol in place that makes sense and I shouldn't be so judgemental and bitter.   


So, to review, I can choose among these options:  

Find a software solution.  Be way less bitter.  And be thankful of how awesome it is that we can find any solution on the internet.  Cost – Time, maybe half a day? Not holding my breathe for this. 

Buy the part and OS and fix it myself.  Feel a sense of accomplishment.  Still happy that the internet teaches me how to do stuff.  But still be pretty bitter.  Cost - ~$250 and Time, maybe a week for shipping and research and install? 

Pay too much to get it fixed.  Be really bitter.  And angry at Lenovo, Samsung, and Best Buy and their Geeks.  Cost - $640 and dignity and Time, maybe a week. 

Buy a replacement for the same cost as fixing it.  Be bitter.  And angry at the above culprits.  Cost - $640 and having a lesser product. 

Seek counselling because life isn't fair, whiners are losers, extended warranties can come in handy, and I'm a precious snowflake.  You know, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna call my mom one way or another.  She knows that I'm special.   


Thanks for listening.  (I swear I'll find real friends to talk to so I won't need to rant on tech forums anymore.)*   

Good talk. 




*That's a lie.

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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Blank Display



I confess I didn't read the whole thing...


Possible options if you install an SSD yourself:


As far as getting Windows  back, the first and easiest option is to use the recovery flash drive you made when you got the laptop.


Failing that you can download a clean (MS software only) Windows 10 directly from Microsoft.  No charge.


After that you'll have to go to the Lenovo support site and/or the Microsoft store for the Lenovo bits and pieces.  It's possible that Lenovo Companion (from the store) will do most of that for you - but I haven't personally tried that on a clean MS install.


You could also contact Lenovo support and order recovery media.  It would be the complete image, and IIRC cost less than a Windows license.


[edit to add] My son was just with me on vaction and his Win 10 laptop display also went blank after some '10 update.  Major panic.  Turned out tapping the brightness key was all it took to bring it back.  I don't mean to insult you by suggesting something so trivial - seems that you're well past that point - but I'm obliged to mention it for others who may come across this thread.


Hope that helps a little,


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Blank Display

Wow - that's messed up.  I can't find the link right now (of course....) but there are videos available from Lenovo on how to open up the case and replace the SSD, which is pretty easy to do.  Once you have the back off it is literally one screw.  So get the new drive online for ~$120 or so.  As for the OS, can't you download the OS direct from Microsoft, and use your exisiting license during the activation?  My understanding is that you CAN resinstall your OS on a new HD in the same computer.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Blank Display

Thanks, Z.


I think installing the SSD myself is the way to go.  I appreciate your advice and the time you spent to respond. 


I'll get to work.


BTW, the last part of my diatribe was the best part.  You missed out.





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Blank Display

Thanks, Besley.


I think that you're right.  I'm gonna get the SSD and install it myself.  I've found videos to help.  I'm sure I'll be able to figure out the OS install, too.  


Thanks, again.



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