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Yoga 900-13ISK - LCD screen problems

Lenovo yoga 900-13isk 

Bios c6cn39ww, I have been having trouble using the laptop, as soon as I move the screen it will go off, if I slowly move the screen back to a certain spot it will show again. it as if I just dim the screen, if I hook up an external monitor it works fine. what I've done so far, removed and reloaded the complete computer to factory, no help, I then removed the battery - reinstalled and again same problem., next I read the ribbon cable might be loose, I removed the back and moved the ribbon and did not get any flickers on the screen so My thoughts are the ribbon cable is good. I then re installed the lenova drivers and I'm having no luck repairing. I then ran the lenovo diagnostic, all passed until I got to Accelerometer interactive test it failed (9s)??? the error is unexpected values read from the sensor.

and Gyrometer interactive test failed (39s)?? unexpected values read from the sensor.. I'm not sure what the 9s or the 39s stands for.

also these test were run while the external monitor was connected in extended screen mode. nothing on the laptop monitor back light on just no desktop, the external monitor was perfect..

Ideas appreciated. this laptop has been great its been used very little, basically just to read the paper in the morning, never dropped

thank you



Moderator comment: Subject edited to match message. Was: Fingerprint Sensor stopped working

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