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Yoga 900 13ISK shut off several times, and last time never turned on

Several times my brand new Yoga 900 shut off unexpectedly, visually looked like a kill-switch off, not a Windows shutdown or something. Different battery charge level: 30%, 55%, 75%, 95%--didn't matter; even on AC once. I had to turn it on and continue work. It irritated a log. But the last time it just didn't turn on. When I press Power button, the keyboard lits, the fan goes crazy, the screen stays black, and in five seconds it turns off. The same with NOVO button, but some times no fan going crazy, and no shutdown in five seconds, just nothing happening: the power button glows, the screen is black, no reaction on keyboard or screen touches--have to power it off in some time.


I saw similar problems with Yoga 500 or 700, some say disconnecting the battery helps. I don't know about 500 or 700, but in 900 the battery is not detachable, and I assume taking the cover off to reach the battery would clear away the warranty, so that is not the solution in my case. Unfortunately, I am away from the States now, where I had a purchase, so sending it back not an option at the moment. Could anyone advise, please?



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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK shut off several times, and last time never turned on

my issue was somewhat similar and has been (mostly) solved -- by my actually doing nothing. read on..

yesterday yoga went into shut down mode either by itself or by me accidentally tapping the power button. an hour later I tried to restart and screen went to "Lenovo" but went dead before the circling dots kicked in. over the next 2-3 hours I tried the usual array of tricks -- pressing power for 20-30 seconds then repressing...nothing. up to 60 seconds...ditto. power cord in, power cord out, (battery was at least 50 percent). got so bad that this morning i was hitting ebay and amazon looking for a hp spectre 360 and cursing the lenovo gods. then....

this morning i tried again right before I was really thinking of buying the hp...PRESTO! it started up like nothing ever happened. has been working all day off and on. 

so my conclusion ? most likely suspect is overheating or something to do with my having placed the unit right prior to shutdown occuring on its end -- maybe causing an issue with the tablet/tent switching program 

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