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Adjusting the camera of Yoga 900 can be done easily via the app Lenovo Settings. If you do not have this app you can download it for free from Windows Store.


After opening Lenovo Settings navigate to Home > Camera where you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the camera based on your preferences.




In addition, in the Camera sections of Lenovo Settings, you can also enable a Privacy Mode which disables the camera if you do not want to share your camera images with others.


You can also access Windows 10 privacy settings by navigating to Windows 10 Settings > Privacy > Camera where you can choose apps that use your camera or disable it.



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What i was not satisfied is, Camera is not good than a 300$ dell laptop.

which ticks me off.


its blurry, grainy and no proper contrast.



Hmm.  Perhaps you have a bad camera in your system?  Sometimes there is a thin protective plastic film that covers the camera lense on some products - phones, tablets, PC that needs to be peeled of by the user.  Maybe you can check?


Otherwise, if you think your camera is not performing as expected, you can check settings and then if still not working, I would recommend contacting service.


There's no Camera options on my Lenovo Settings though. I have all the others except the camera. How do I set it up?