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Yoga 900: CPU Speed stuck at low clock speed

I have rcently bought a - yoga-900-13isk, 16 GB Ram and 2.5Ghz processor.

Running windows 10,Pro Edition.  64 Bit operating system.


The CPU speed is stuck between .39 and .36Ghz - the unit is so slow it is unuseable.


The BIOS is up to date according to the lasest BIOS I updated at Lenovo - (c6cn37ww.exe) and I have turned off all the power management.

I have run a hardware scan and all that is good too. The unit is not running hot or overheating.

 There seems to be lots of comments on the forums and net in general about people having this same issue with the Lenovo Yogas - what else can I try before this brand new laptop gets sent back for a refund?


Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm a develop working in  large microsoft environment, running visual studio 2015 Enterprise and SQL server 2014 and am the person in this office having the problem.  

Lots of other developers running Lenovo Thinkpads without an issue - it is just this brand new Yoga that is having the problems.



What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900: CPU Speed stuck at low clock speed

I have the same problem with a Yoga 2. Worst technical product I have ever bought.


CPU will drop quickly and stay at 3% /0.06 Ghz for 20 - 60 seconds making the laptop completely unusable. I can't even use the calculator, so you can see it is a CPU freezing issue affecting the whole system. Very frustrating as it is the equivalence of burning the money; only worse because of the negative impact of no working computer and hours debugging!

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