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Yoga 900: Fan has gone crazy

I had the lenovo yoga 900 for about three weeks, I have the 13isk2 model, with Intel graphics "540".

I downloaded Asphalt 8 from the windows store, now when I play the game, the fan keeps on going for as long as I play, last night I played for about an hour, the fan didn't stop for a single second, hot air coming out of the machine constantly.

Now when I'm not playing a game, the fan doesn't come on that often, but asphalt 8 is a low graphics light game, is it normal that the fan keeps working for more than an hour non-stop ?

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Re: Yoga 900: Fan has gone crazy

Welcome to the Forums Kaboz.


Firstly, Check BIOS? Sometimes a BIOS has fan speed controls.


This is normal as the game is running and full GPU is utilized, if the temp increases more than normal.I suggest you to use the Laptop by placing it on a flat surface for good ventilation. Clean the dust on fan.


Please go through the below link to understand about Safe Temperature range for CPU?


  1. Click Here
  2. Click Here

You can also try updating the BIOS. Please click on the link.


Update us how it goes.






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Re: Yoga 900: Fan has gone crazy

I fixed my over-enthusiastic fan the old-fashioned way. I took the base off and removed the cables from the little slide in connectors on the fans.

My reasoning: My Yoga 900isk has been around the world twice in backpacks so it has earned it keep. I put a temperature monitor and it usually reads 40 to 45 centigrade and rarely gets excessively hot. It tended to get hot only when the power-charger was plugged in. If it was problematic, I would charge when it was not in use.


My main gripe besides the noise was that it ran the batteries flat whilst sitting in cafes. The fans simply had to be stopped.

My solution reminded me of my brother's solution to a red oil light on my mother's Morris minor van in the 1960s. He pulled the wire off and we never had a problem with the light coming on again!


My Yoga has worked beautifully since and rarely gets hot. I do take care to ensure that I do not use inappropriate soft surfaces that prevent base cooling. It's reading 62C at the moment.

Andy Chalkley



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