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What devices does the new USB Type-C port on the Yoga 900 support?


The new USB Type-C port supports:

- USB 3.0

- native display port 1.2 video output

- VGA/HDMI output using a Type-C VGA/HDMI adapter (which is a separate purchase)

(Ref: page 8 of


Adding to the above:  Gigabit Ethernet via any of several 3rd party USB-C-to-USB3 adapters that also feature an RJ45 jack.

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A 3rd party USB-C/GigE adapter. In my brief testing it seems to work and supports GigE speeds. Presented as an example, not an endorsement. Anker USB-C to 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Ethernet Adapter for USB Type-C Devices
Thanks for adding your research and testing, Z! Great to know that the device delivers what it claims. I'm sure that it'll be useful for certain configurations / office setups. Smiley Happy
Unfortunately Yoga USB Type -C does not support DELL DA 200

I've the USB 3.0 adaptor but the external monitor doesn't seem to work. 

Any help ?


The Minix multiport adaptor is accepted and does sport a 1Gbit ethernet as well as HDMI (and micro+standard SD, two USB3).


It runs very hot though, so I guess it is not very energie efficient. WOuld not use that if you are on the road.

hi I was wondering if i can use this docking station with lenovo 900? HP USB-C Travel Dock (T0K29AA) any experience? thanks

Has anyone successfully used a USB-c to hdmi adapter? I bought one from cablematters but cannot get it to work.

A Cable Matters 201018-BLK USB-C to HDMI adapter works fine with my Yoga 900-13ISK. Is your laptop a -13ISK or -13ISK2? It's possible that there is a difference.

I small comment on the minix.


It runs hot only when connected to Ethernet. So for a dual card reader, 2*USB, and HDMI + second usb-c connecter it works just great.


On a different note. Is the USB-C recepticle on the Yoga 900s unstable? With the Minix connected all that is required is touching the connector and the connection momentarily lost and comes back again. This is quite annoying as my mouse and keyboard are connected here and it takes Windows a couple of seconds to find them back again.


Is this inherent to USB-C or is it the implementation of Lenovo?


How can I connect USB type c male to Thinkpad Yoga x1