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Paper Tape
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Yoga 900 dead -- 4 weeks and counting


I purchased a Lenovo Yoga 900 in late December 2015 from their website. I immediately registered it on using the "detect my serial number" feature. Overall it served well for 4 months. Then it did not turn on, or respond to charging. I then contacted the company to conduct a repair. Here's just how bad it is:


1. Self detect of serial number incorrectly identified the machine as something else (later to be determined a thinkpad, not ideapad product -- nowhere anywhere on the Yoga 900 does it say what it is).

2. I submitted a service ticket using the only Serial Number that I had registered with the account with explicit notice that the SN was incorrect. They sent me a mailer in a day. This was 19 May 2016


3. On May 25t (day 6) I tried to contact the company. This was not particularly easy. A nice person was on the phone and stated that they had no idea where my laptop was.

4. May 31st. Called again and was transferred around. Still no idea where laptop was. After about 1.5 hours on the phone a nice woman located it for me. Wrong city--apparently it's at the Thinkpad shop, not the Ideapad shop...Again, Lenovo sent me a shipping ticket and a box, so I had no idea this was incorrect. I received a telephone number and a case ID from this helpful person, with an indication that on June 3rd, the computer would be diagnosed (it was memorial weekend). Also that my case was flagged as "variance" to their statistics for return time for service....

5. June 3-8th. My work took me out of the country. No laptop. Yeah that's good business.

6. June 13th. Contacted company again using number and case ID from step #4 above. Took about 15 minutes for the help desk to locate my laptop. "Part is on order, expedited service, motherboard needs to be replaced, will be fixed on June 15th."

7. June 17th (today, as I write, about 1 month since sending it in). Called same number, nice person, took 4 minutes to locate my laptop, indicated that motherboard not here until June 28th, then it'll take some time to fix it. Another work trip scheduled overseas for June 24th. Again looking slim that I'll have a laptop for that trip as well.


I asked for a replacement, refund, or whatever. He said it takes 3 business days for a manager (higher level person) to contact to discuss other options. This puts me to Wednesday before a trip leaving Friday morning. Chances of getting ANY laptop from Lenovo? Not betting on it.

I'll continue with this thread. The customer service personnel are very nice and professional; the company does not seem to care about expediting service or even how to manage their own product flows.


This is my first Lenovo computer and at this stage will likely cost me nearly two months of time without a portable computer solution (unless I buy one next week and bill Lenovo for it). For a computer that cost ~$1,400 and for all of the other options out there, I am very disappointed in the catastrophic fail of both the machine and the service.


I am posting this so that others who have issues can make other arrangements if their computer goes in for service, or if anyone is on the fence between Lenovo and another brand, to closely examine the customer service capabilities in their choice.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 dead -- 4 weeks and counting

I have this problem too, and this is my second Yoga 900 with "dead" issues!  Except, the first time it occurred, I was able to get a replacement becuase it "died" within one month of the date of purchase.  Boy, am I regretting this now!!


So far, my issue is 2 weeks and counting, with no call back from Lenovo.  The last time that I called (yesterday, on 6/16/16) they told me that someone would be coming out to service me, but that they were awaiting a "mother board"....?????


Red flags all over the place.  I empathize with you and have just contaced CNET,  and also plan on making a bit of noise at home office  (my colleage's spouse knows a few big wigs at Lenovo).  I'm truely sorry that you are experiencing this as well chrisheider.  Please post with your ongoing status, this is a nightmare!!!!

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 dead -- 4 weeks and counting

Judging from our combined experiences, I think we need to contact frequently so time does not stretch -- they offer no updating service via email or anything other than call them.


The number they gave me is 877-453-6686.  Pressing 4, waiting a while, then presented with additional options got me to a live voice. Alternatively allows them to call you back -- something you need a bonafide serial number to enter (which mine was not due to computer not knowing who it was by a digit).


Also claimed to be motherboard replacement here (a 2-3 week lag from what I can tell). I will see until next week how they resolve the uptick in service with a "manager"; I may decide to go for the refund route and buy HP or someone else. Very discouraging.

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 900 dead -- 4 weeks and counting

further to that... I noted in these forums how the display drivers listed in this site, are dead, and cannot be installed on the yoga 900.


No response yet... and it's been weeks...


I think the support is very dodgy...



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