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Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2015-12-25, 18:39 PM

My Lenovo 900 seems to have a defective trackpad.  The trackpad seems to have two separate clicks to it... which makes it very annoying to use.  When I'm simply moving my cursor around (not engaging a "click" on the trackpad) the pad constantly makes an annoying clicking sound as my finger lightly glides on and off the trackpad surface.  It feels like the trackpad surface is not attached properly and is loose.  


Anyone else having this problem?  


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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2015-12-27, 0:58 AM
Mine is somewhat similar, through not nearly as bad. You'll notice that the bottom of the touch pad is not flush with the rest of the laptop causing a slight rattle. These laptops aren't cheap, so swap it out for another one because they're not supposed to be like this.

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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2016-02-02, 19:32 PM
I also have this problem. Is it supposed to be this way? Seems really strange. I'm going to call Lenovo Warranty as my next step.

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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2016-02-03, 2:34 AM

Trackpads should not have any play on them. The touchpad looks to be identical to the Yoga 3 Pro, and my touchpad has no play. The pad does click down for the appropriate left/right click, but there is a good amount of resistance to prevent accidental clicks.


Does the touchpad itself feel firmly in place? Does it slide side to side, or does it just feel like it has a little play up and down?

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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2016-02-03, 3:10 AM

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this issue. My brand new 900 had a trackpad with same thing and a bad screen. Took 2 weeks to get, built 1/22 in China, as this is the crap they send me. Never had a bad Apple out of the box in 25 years. If this is the quality of Windows hardware maybe I shouldn't switch. So disappointing. 


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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2016-02-08, 19:04 PM

It would be helpful if someone could post a link to a video that demonstrates the performance of the touchpad.


Thank you,


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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2016-09-15, 19:49 PM

Hey, I know this is an older post, but maybe my solution will help others with the same problem.


I also had the rattling trackpad on my Yoga 900.  I found another post where the users opened the back of the case, moved the battery out of the way (carefully), and rescrewed down the trackpad.


What I did in addition, was to "slightly" bend the tabs down a bit to create more tension when the trackpad is screwed into the frame.  The tabs I'm referring to are the two tabs closes to the outer edge of the laptop.  Of course, bending internal components should be done at your own risk.  Very easy to break something.


Not sure how long it will last, but it works.


Unfortunately, when my Yoga was assembled, some of the guides for the back shell mounting screws were not well aligned.  When the screws were reinserted, there is too much side-to-side pressure, so a few of them started stripping.... So be careful.


I like my Yoga.  However, I'm reminded, again, the difference between Windows-based hardware, and the higher-end Apple products.  I use both Windows and Apple, so for my Windows laptops, Lenovo is still my top choice.  Other than this rattling issue, it is a great product.


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Re: Yoga 900 defective trackpad hardware

2017-07-15, 15:02 PM
Also check the Torx screws on the bottom of the laptop. I have found that if any are loose (but don't over-tighten), this can result in the problem as well.

Home Depot sells a decent Torx screwdriver set: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-8-in-1-Precision-Torx-Screwdriver-Set-70381H/204664390

Before my 900, I had a Yoga Pro 2. It had the exact same problem. Sent it in for warranty repair. After not giving me any ETA for two months, they finally gave me an ETA....4 more months away. I raised hell, and the sent me a brand new (not refurb) 900. And the 900 developed the same problem.
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