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What's DOS?
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Yoga 900 problems

Please let me know if you (or anyone out there) have had problems with your Yoga.  I am having major issues with my brand new Yoga 900, mainly around the display (weird window sizes on external monitor, display driver crashing even when no ext monitor is connected, etc). 


Also main concern right now is I cannot install a network printer (relatively new printer that works fine on my win7).  Printer installs but i get the message saying that it cannot be set as default.  And it will not print test page (or anything else).


Lenovo Support site is completely useless. Cannot detect my device.  Cannot detect my serial number.  Keeps asking me to download lenovo bridge bs which I've downloaded and installed and does not do anything.


Considering returning this laptop and getting surface but am dreading it because this will be more downtime at work...


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Re: Yoga 900 problems

@solard53 wrote:


Also main concern right now is I cannot install a network printer (relatively new printer that works fine on my win7).  Printer installs but i get the message saying that it cannot be set as default.  And it will not print test page (or anything else).


I can't help you with the display issues, as I have no way to connect an extarnal display at present.


However, I had no trouble in connecting a network attached printer....


HP Print Test Page Small.jpg



and making it my default print device...Print Devices.JPG


Your problem is possibly related to Win 10, which appears to me to have a somewhat different method of discovering thngs on  network than earlier version of Windows....... what method are you using when attempting to connect your printer?




I don't work for Lenovo
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Re: Yoga 900 problems

I cannot help with the external display, but I have no trouble connecting to my network printer, a Dell v.310, which is a few years old, and listed as not compatible with Windows 10 on Dell's site. I did have to experiment with printer drivers and ended up with Vista drivers, but it now works well on the Yoga 900 running Windows 10 Pro. I don't know if this will help you, but thought I'd mention it. Did you check the printer mfg. site to see if yours is listed as compatible with 10?

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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 problems

I have a brand new Yoga 900 and all my display boxes are really small and the windows that come up are also very small. lettering is small and everything. Does anyone know how to fix this.

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Re: Yoga 900 problems

Could be that the Ultra HD screen resolution need to be changed.


1) Go to Display and change the resolution to 1920*1080

2) Also, click on Change size of text and icons and modify that size to an acceptable level, usually 150% works.

3) You will need to restart the laptop each time you do Step 2.


Repeat Step 2 and 3 with a new value until you find a suitable size.

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Re: Yoga 900 problems

I also have big problems with the display of my brand new Yoga 900. I have had 3 types of problems so far with the display, and it is becoming unworkable.


First, there is the glitch of the screen turning black when connected to the internet and the "display driver has recovered" pop-up when the display is restored to functionality. This seemed to happen after I maximized the window. This happened frequently for about a month when I first had my computer, less frequently now.


Second, and this is the biggest problem, the display started crashing and I could not use the computer because I could not read anything on the screen. It looked like the color balance became unstable and the entire screen background turned bright red with parts of any desktop images in bright green and some in bright blue. When I touched the screen, the image returned to normal for a second or two, just enough to allow me to initiate recovery and reset the computer. That seemed to fix the problem. After a couple of weeks, it happened again, and I reset it again. Last week, it crashed 2 days in a row, so I am wondering if the problem is getting worse. I ran scans that found no problems, and I installed the latest Intel driver for Windows 10. I contacted Lenovo Support and talked to their technician who also installed an Intel Driver and reset some battery settings... Only time will tell if this makes a difference.


Third, there is apparently a scaling issue that makes items in drop boxes and other items so small that they are unreadable on the screen. This has been addressed in this forum already, but I have not found a workable solution yet for my machine. When I talked to the Lenovo technician, I was told there would be a fee to fix this problem. Pardon me??? I bought a computer in good faith that was sold to me as a good working unit, it was expensive, and this is obviously a defect that I sure should not have to pay to get fixed! This problem already existed when I got the computer, I did not create it.


I am also having some LAN connection issues with this computer and I have seen other users mention it.


I am hoping that Lenovo technicians will read this post and develop fixes that users can download for display problems that appear to be common issues among users and systemic for this computer. I really really liked this computer when I first got it, but I need a reliable tool for my work, and at this point the Yoga 900 is becoming too unpredictable to be relied upon.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 problems

I too have had issues with my new YOGA900-13ISK.



I purchased a USB to VGA converter and it crashed my Windows 10 driver. Actually my driver has crashed several times and this was the latest instance. Is there a special converter that needs to be purchased so I may do this? I have to make many presentations continuously and right now I have to lug around my older computer.

What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga 900 Issues

Hi, My Lenovo Yoga 900 screen isn't working, the backlight is on but no words are coming up. I am hearing the audio but i have no visual. 

Any suggestions ?? My exams are around the corner Smiley Sad

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Re: Yoga 900 problems

Solard, i am having similar issues with my Yoga 900, solved printing issue by using bluetooth printing app, i couldnt do it any other way. bought printer at the same time as the lap top and was unable to physicaly connect it, so i downloaded an E-print app from microsoft and issue was resolved.... sort of. I also  have an issue of not being able to turn the laptop on when it is connected to a powersource, I have to unplug, hard stop (press and hold on/off button) wait, press o/o button again, rather a pisser. and yes, lenovo cant even recognize the 900, like it doesnt exist. **bleep**?  

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 problems

Hi I have had my laptop for over 4 months now and recently (somewhere around late may), my computer has been having memory issues. I play a online game called league of legends, and when I have it open along with only a few tabs (less than 5) on my chrome browser I get a window telling me I need to close league of legends to prevent any problems, because the memory is low. It didn't do this when I originally got the computer and I would have more things open when playing, but now for some reason, it has this issue. The only thing that is running in the background that could possibly be using memory is my Norton Security program but other than that I exit out of anything I don't use.


Any ideas?


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