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Yoga 900 trackpad right click area.

Recent Yoga 900 purchaser and really enjoy the notebook except for one issue.  I have the trackpad configured to accept one finger clicks as Left mouse button, and two finger click as a right mouse button.  The problem is when I click in the lower right area of the track pad nothing happens.  I've disabled the right area click, shouldn't that make the whole trackpad default to simulate a left button click.  The way it is now, if I'm on the right side of the trackpad I can't tell if anything will happen on a click when I'm near the bottom 1/3rd of the trackpad.


All my other notebooks are set to configure a single click anywhere on the track as left button, and two fingers as a right button.  


I've already updated the driver to fix the trackpad scrolling issue the start menu and Windows metro  apps.


Any way to get single clicks recognized across the entire trackpad?



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Re: Yoga 900 trackpad right click area.

I don't think so. You'll also notice that if you two finger click in the bottom left area, it will not do a right click.
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Re: Yoga 900 trackpad right click area.

Can Lenovo help with this? I wish they would give us a better trackpad manager.

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