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Yoga 900 with Intel Wireless AC 8260 CANNOT connect to some wireless networks but phone CAN

This laptop has ALWAYS struggled to connect to some networks that my phone and tablet can connect to no problem, eg in hotels, Starbucks etc. Here is an example. I want to know why Lenovo doesn't connect to wifi, it's consistently infuriating and I may return the laptop to the retailer if I can't get a solution.


Here's the network that my Android phone has no problem with:



Yet when I connect with the laptop I get no Internet connection:

no connection.PNGwifi.PNG

I have installed the latest wireless drivers from Intel but still it does not work. IS this problem common? Is the problem with Intel or Lenovo? What can I do to fix it? Thanks

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Re: Yoga 900 with Intel Wireless AC 8260 CANNOT connect to some wireless networks but phone CAN



This is a long-shot, but easy to try.  Go to Device Manager, properties for your wifi card.  Try adjusting the channel width.  If auto, try 20MHz or 40Mhz.  If set to one of those, try auto.


I've had that problem - connectied to access point, but no internet - and "fixed" it by fiddling channel width.  It was different hardware so I can't say that this will help.  Just tossing it out here...



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