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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on

Yes!!! Exactly! I switched from mac to this and I can't believe that I'm already having problems.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on

Return your computer for your money back asap,  I had problems with mine since I bought and kept it because I liked the design.  I've had mine in and out of the warranty center over six months altogether, and now the computer just turned off by itself again. Save yourself the heartache and switch to another brand while you can 

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on

Had the same symptoms in Yoga 710 11-inch, and this solution solved it. Out of 4 screw holes for battery only two screws were there when shipped!!!
What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on (SOLVED)

THANK YOU.  Worked for me.   My wife's year and a half old yoga 3 just suddenly went dark for no apparent reason.  Absolutely no lights of any kind  were visible.   Battery was not dead.   I did the "hold start button for one minute trick".    After about 15 seconds the side light started occassionally blinking, either amber or white.  I held down for the full minute and released.   After a few seconds I pressed again and everything came up fine.


I will confirm what others have said here.   I have had thinkpads in the past which were fine machines so I had good expectations.    I bought 2  Yoga 3 Pros  and have had nothing but trouble.   One of them had so many issues that Lenovo couldn't fix that they eventually refunded me my cost and allowed me to return the machine.    The  second one  unfortunately was  shy of being so bad that I demanded a refund, but has been so problem prone that I certainly regret the purchase.  

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on

Worked like a charm, thank you!

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on (SOLVED)

I have this issue but the charging light doesnt light up anymore (with OEM charger).


I stupidly bought and plugged in a cheap power charger to my Yoga 900. It was going to be my portable back up.

It immediately shut the computer down.The charging light was NOT lit on. I then tried to used my OEM charger. The light still doesn't turn on.


I pulled the back cover off and took the battery off. Held to power button for a minute to dissipate the capacitive charge. Reconnected the battery. Still NOT on. Charging light still NOT lit.  I heard that the CMOS may need to be replaced? I dont think this yoga 900 comes with one?


The manual said the system board needs to be replaced? Is that my only option?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on (SOLVED)

I have identical problem, yet I have already had it repaired by Lenovo. Still, afer 2 weeks from the repair, yoga does not turn on again. 

Has any of you had the same issue -I mean that after repair the same thing happened again?

Now I sent it to Lenovo for the second time in one month.
I wish I could just get my money back and buy Mac....

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on - root cause

I found that holding the power button for a minute and then pressing it again brought the laptop back to life, so thanks for the tip.  It has happened twice now, after about 6 months of ownership.


I think I know how what might have caused it.  When I went to use the laptop, I pressed the power button to wake it up from Sleep, and then I accidentally pressed the power button again.  The machine then did not respond when I pressed the power button again.  I had done a similar thing before, as there are so many combinations of power up/down, sleep/wake, lid open/closed, screen off/on etc, that you can forget which state the machine is in when you come to use it. 


So, I think the lesson learned is to be careful when using the power button to sleep/wake the laptop.  Although the machine opens up and closes down silently and quickly, Windows 10 (and the BIOS) will be doing a lot of processing during this time, and interrupting the processing could have unpredictable effects.  Of course, one would hope that Lenovo will come up with a fix for this situation.

What's DOS?
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Thinkpad worst computer ever

I bought a Lenovo laptop and since day 1 every time I remove the charger the whole screen goes black for a couple of seconds. It happens every time I connect it to the charger. Its the only laptop Ive had over more than 20 years that does this. I also had a problem that every time I open excel the computer's screen goes dark and doesnt return to normal. I talked to Lenovo customer support but they don't have any decision capabilities they don't know what is going on and won't accept that it is **bleep** and return me my money or replace my computer with a functioning one. Above all their prices are over their competition but their competitors laptops actually work. THE WORST LAPTOP IVE EVER HAD. If you think of buying a Lenovo DONT!!!

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Thinkpad worst computer ever



You've joined a Lenovo Yoga thread but your subject refers to ThinkPad.  If you'll indicate which laptop model you have we can move your post to the appropriate forum - and perhaps other members can help.  It might also help to indicate what operating system you're running.


Off the top of my head, what you describe sounds like the graphics hardware is changing refresh frequency (based on the AC/battery power settings?) and it takes the display a moment to re-sync.  That's just a WAG.  Others may have other suggestions.



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