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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on

Same with Yoga 3 or what it WAS. I played with it for some time, lights flashing at times..., new cable bought, disconnected/connected components inside, battery  many times, keyboard light came up once, brought to local service for power connections between component test - a definite DEATH. No more lenovo ever. Not used much at all and had it a out 3 years. The service man said one thing at the start - the problem was lenovo themself...

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on (SOLVED)

None of the published solutions worked for me, but I did make an observation while trying the battery removal idea.

There is a blown smd on the motherboard as shown in these pictures.

Pretty sure this is the culprit

Look for the smd at rear left of the MB. The blow out is visiblefknmf5.jpglook for the popped smd at the rear left of the motherboard, you can see where the magic smoke escaped.


2mzoro.jpgclose up of blown chip

 Seems to me this is the culprit. I'll be pricing a motherboard replacement since I have no idea of what this component wss and not comfortable trying to hand solder smds.


If your problem is intermittent, I will bet there is a cracked solder joint or this component is failing on your computers.

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