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Paper Tape
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Yoga 900S Screen?



Does anyone know what screen the Yoga 900S uses for its 1440p version and if it's any good? I'd like to know before placing an order.


I looked at a Yoga 900 in the store and saw that despite its QHD+ resolution, it was using this horrible Pentile RGBW display that looks like there's dithering everywhere. It was the first time I've come across a display like that and it really looked horrible! Smiley Sad I hope the 900S doesn't use that Pentile stuff?



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Re: Yoga 900S Screen?

I had Yoga 3 pro with the 3200x1800 screen and now 900s with FHD screen. I definitely prefer the fhd screen. It's not about the subpixel arrangement but the fact you can use 100% scaling in Windows.

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Re: Yoga 900S Screen?

Display should be comparable to this one:

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Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 900S Screen?

Is there any first hand experience on how the QHD screen quality is? I'm curious about this as well. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to see these in person.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 900S Screen?

I got the unit. It's a pretty good screen. Not Pentile thankfully. Not the brightest screen in the world though if ever you're using it in a brighter environment :/

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