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Yoga 900S - Sleep not wokring

Closing the lid should cause the Yoga 900s to sleep, but that doesn't work. The ligth stays on when opening the screen does not come on. The only why to revive the Y900s it long press the power button to force a restart.


How is the sleep mode suppose to work on the Yoga 900s?



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Re: Yoga 900S - Sleep not wokring

Good day.


My Yoga 900S sleeps correctly when I close the lid, as expected.

Can you provide more info about the driver/OS update/UEFI-BIOS state of your machine? Maybe that would help to narrow down the troubleshooting focus a bit.



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Lenovo Yoga 900s Not Sleeping

Hello experts,


I am suddenly having a problem with my Yoga 900s not sleeping properly. I will close the lid, and the machine will stay alert (power light steady and not blinking). Then, when I try to wake it, the screen will remain blank, and I have to hard reboot. I am perplexed as to what is causing this issue. The laptop worked last night, and as far as I can tell, no updates or programs have been installed since then. Power settings are all fine. Laptop is set to sleep when lid is closed. CPU and memory usage seem fine. I've tried multiple reboots.


Please let me know if you've encountered this before. I'm at my wit's end since nothing has changed since yesterday.




- Archana



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