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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?



I'll admit I was a MAC man, like many got bored of the poor specs and old hardware.

My Mac Mini has just been replaced by a M900 Tiny as a small desktop and media storage machine.

Mac Book Pro 13" (2012) just got sold on ebay.


The plan was to have this as a desktop and use my 9.7 iPad pro for the internet.


But I miss a laptop when slouching in the lounge and the cat has nicked the office chair.

Miss when you want to look at multiple tabs and its far eaiser to to it with a real keyboard on your knee.

I've looked at 2-1's from microsoft with detachable screens etc,

keep coming back to the yoga and no hastle of spltting screens.


So the 900S keeps getting loooked at

Intel Core m7-6Y75 Processor ( 1.20GHz 1866MHz 4MB )

12.5"IPS Multi-touch 2560x1440

8.0GB LPDDR3-1600 LPDDR3 1600MHz



Like the idea of touchscreen, no fan, light don't need much power as I can use the Tiny.

More power and cheaper than current base Mac Book.


So are current owners happy with thier machines?

Would you say don't do it?

Should I look at a 910, pay more and get the power?

can I just close the lid and let it sleep till i'm ready to use it again?


What the view of the board who actually own this machine?


Many Thanks Phil



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?

No one have one?

Maybe a change of plan, a 910, accept the fans for a 4K screen and more power.

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Re: Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?

Hi there, Yetirider  -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


Lenovo has come out with the Yoga 900S, a 12.5-inch 2-in-1 laptop that's even thinner than the MacBook but doesn't sacrifice full-sized USB 3.0 ports. Beyond being thinner, this capable hybrid laptop comes with a faster processor, sharper screen and amazing battery life to boot. Also with Stunning lightweight design; Solid battery life; Bright and crisp display; Comfortable keyboard.


Click here for better understanding.


Update us how it goes.







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Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?

Hey there. Owner of a 900S here. Mostly the same specs as the one you listed except with a 512GB SSD.


I am pretty happy with my purchase. The highlights for me are:


* The form factor: Besides being the perfect size, it acts like a laptop when you want it to and does not easily tip over on your lap like detachables do.


* Great battery life: I can consistently get 7-10 hours by keeping the screen brightness down and lowering the maximum processor state a bit. Also, battery drain is not bad at all when it is suspended. There is the occasional 'sleep of death' that usually crops up after a Windows update, but I find that suspend works quite a bit better than, say, Connected Standby on devices like the Microsoft Surface Book.


* Active pen support: The screen has an Elan digitiser that is compatible with Wacom AES pens, which there are lots of on the market, so the 900S is great for note-taking. The 900 and 910 do not support active pens of any kind as far as I know.


One con would be (the lack of proper) Linux support. While there is a BIOS that allows Linux to see the SSD, some things are buggy, such as the Broadcom bluetooth chipset and the digitiser; also, the keyboard disabling mechanism when switching modes is software based and does not work out of the box, though there are solutions for some of the other Yogas that would likely work on the 900S as well. That said, running a Linux VM under Windows works fine and doesn't have much of an impact on battery life. On another note, the USB-C port on mine has been acting up to the point where it only works in USB 2.0 mode, though that may just be the luck of the draw.


Overall I'd recommend it if the above things are important to you.


Hope that helped!

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Re: Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?

Hi yetirider,


I've had a Y900s for over a year now. I use it primarily for travel. It's an ideal size and weight for that purpose. I also use it at home with external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Although I do have other systems available at home, the Y900s would be a keeper if it was an "only" device.


The CPU and 8GB RAM plenty powerful for my needs. Yet despite the lack of a fan this system runs cool as a cucumber.


The only thing I miss, as a long time ThinkPad user, is a TrackPoint. The TouchPad works well enough but it's still just a touchpad ;-) Of course that's not going to be an issue for someone coming from the Mac world.


As yoga-fan mentioned the 'sleep of death' is an occasional annoyance. Other than that the system runs rock solid.


In my opinion even a year later the Y900s is still a great system at a reasonable price.

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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Community SuperMod
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Re: Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?



I can echo the positive comments above.

I really like my Yoga 900S. Being the "gold" version, it's also a head-turner. Smiley Wink


The Yoga 910 is more powerful, and mine, with its 4K screen is a real sight to behold, albeit with a higher price tag / larger footprint / more weight.


Whichever you choose, enjoy!


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Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 900S are you happy, good buy?




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