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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 910-13IKB Ideapad crashes randomly

Hi everyone, I have a very unfortunate situation.


Over the last couple of weeks my 18 month old $1650 USD Lenovo Yoga 910 (i7 7500U, 512GB, 16GB) started showing signs of hardware failure. 

It started with an intermitant USB disconnect and reconnect noise while my mouse was plugged in. I switched to a bluetooth mouse and everything seemed to be working properly.


A couple days later the laptop started crashing (turning off randomly without proper shutdown). 

I made sure to install all drivers and updates off the Lenovo site. These installed succesfully. I also installed Lenovo Solution Center and ran updates there. These did not seem to help, and my laptop is crashing very frequently now and will not turn on via the power button. It will randomly turn on by itself 10-30 minutes later. Basically a beautiful paperweight now.

I took it to a local computer repair shop as recommended by the lovely Lenovo support technician who told me it was out of warranty and they can't do anything to help. (What kind of company does not support their premium line of laptops that fail before 2 years of use!!)

The local repair man tried to reset the motherboard CMOS as per Lenovo precedures. Also checked event logs to determine the cause (could not determine from there). 

The laptop seemed to be doing better after taking it home. However after some time it ended up crashing again... and again. 

The computer repair man thinks the motherboard needs replacing, and he says to ask Lenovo to do the repair. While Lenovo told me to take it to my local computer repair center. (Thanks Lenovo!!)

I have tried to do system restore back to a critical Windows update, however on restore it says that it could not be completed as a file is missing (please disable anti-virus). I disable the AV (Bitdefender) and re-ran the restore at differnt points with the same error message. 

Any help, advice, or tricks would be appreciated. If someone from Lenovo see's this, I would really appreciate some sort of support on your end rather than just telling me to take it to a local repair shop. It is a $1650 USD laptop afterall, that is not pocket change I can drop on a laptop every 18 months. 

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-11-2018
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Re: Yoga 910-13IKB Ideapad crashes randomly

Just got off the phone with Lenovo again. 

To be clear they do not provide any support for out of warranty products. You can not get it repaired by Lenovo, no exceptions. 

He recommneded taking it to a Best Buy for them to order the parts and get it fixed. He could not provide a quote for how much the parts were going to cost. (New motherboard, fans and heat exchanger). 

All in all I am really disappointed with Lenovo and their lack of support. 

They have not attempted to do any troubleshooting whatsoever. They have not attempted to help remedy the situation at all other than telling me to go to local repair shops. 

$1650 USD down the drain. 

I will not be purchasing Lenovo ever again.

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