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Yoga 910 connection to external monitor failing.

Hello, I used a Belkin USB-C to HDMI (4K/60Hz) adapter in series with an HDMI to VGA adapter to extend my workspace.  I used an old monitor that came with a Dell Desktop ages ago.  Early this afternoon, things worked perfectly.  With the laptop and the monitor on, I plugged in the adapter and initially the combination came up "duplicate."  I opened the F10 menu and selected "extend" and worked non-stop for about 2 hours.   I had old documents open on the laptop display while I authored new documents on the extended display.


Before the 910, laptops I used had HDMI ports to which I plugged in the HDMI VGA adapter and I never thought much about how the combinations worked (as they never failed).


After dinner, I prepped the system to show recorded video on the external monitor for an online class I'm taking so I could use the laptop display to search for information, images, etc when recorded lessons are vague/incomplete.  Then I went back to parenting.


When I came down after putting the kids to bed, the laptop had gone to sleep.


When I woke the device, the external monitor reported "no signal detected" and the display on the laptop kept flickering.  This is a new experience for me.


Unplugging the USB C adapter stopped the flashing. 


I don't know how to return the system to whatever was working before the sleep cycle.   So I started searching for others' wisdom and experience.  I read other threads that seem to say, turn everything off, plug in the adapter, turn everything on again and go.


Following that general plan isn't working now.


Does anyone have:

1) an explanation for why things do work when USB C goes to HDMI to VGA (which I experienced today).

2) an explanation for why this working combination failed.

3) a suggested method to fix/assemble this system to work again.


Thank you, 




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