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Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

Nothing in those screen shots indicates any reason the fan would need to be running. I have more going on that that and the fan is idle. If you have a fan running with that level of CPU use, something else is going on.

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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

Exactly my point. Can't figure this one out.
What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

i am also having issues with this fan noise.

the fan noise is loud when i browse on microsoft edge


has any got any solution to this problem from lenovo


i have got 14 days to return


can you advise please

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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%



Didja read through this thread and apply the fixes? 


What websites give you louder fan noises?  There are a lot of websites with video, animation, and just plain bad code that will cause any processor to work harder. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

With the WLAN or while removing the WLAN, I still get a single daily slow/lag/freeze. the laptop kinda slows down and crawls, and then all goes away after restarting. is this connected to the DCOM issue we all experiencing, is there a driver that does NOT reinnstall the 'installer' file? I tried the one on Lenovo site and it immediately adds the installer back.

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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

As posted upthread, let Windows find and install the driver. Go to Device Manager and do it old school. 

Former Employee
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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

Lenovo has released a BIOS update with a new feature called Quiet Mode to provide a quieter fan experience for customers with Yoga 910-13IKB and 13IKB Glass laptops. Please note that this is a two-step process. After updating to the BIOS v.35, it will be necessary to then go into the BIOS and enable Quiet Mode.


Quiet Mode achieves a lower overall fan volume by making minimal changes to CPU performance and system temperature.


Version 2JCN35WW

Modify thermal and DPTF setting, add Quiet Mode.

  • Enter BIOS setup, which can be done by holding down “FN+F2” keys during system start up or pressing the Nova button when the device is shut down.
  • Go to page “Configuration” and change system performance mode to “Quiet Mode”.
  • Select “Exit saving changes” or in page “Exit” or F10. System will reboot.


BIOS v.35 can be downloaded here:

 pic1 resized.jpgpic2 resized.jpg


For customers experiencing a continuously running fan on Yoga 910-13IKB and 13IKB Glass systems, please upgrade to the latest WLAN driver, v. It can be downloaded here: If this does not change the fan behavior, try uninstalling the Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Installer, then reinstalling the driver.


The Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Installer can be found in Settings -> Apps -> Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Installer. Select it and then right-click to open a menu. Select Remove It. Restart the system.



For customers experiencing a fan whistling or whine noise, the investigation continues. I would like to hear from customers who have upgraded to BIOS v.35 but continue to hear this distinct fan sound.


I am marking this post as the solution to allow customers joining the discussion to easily find solutions for two of the three reported fan issues. I will post again when I receive an update on the fan whistling/whine investigation.


Thank you,

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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

Awesome, just tried it out, and it's working great. Thanks Amy! 

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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

Amy: The WLAN driver version you cite should end in .278 not .78. Not that most of us don't already know that, but... Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 910 crazy loud fan even when CPU at <35%

Hi Amy,


I've had an opportuniy to run some tests with the new BIOS and quiet/balanced/performance modes and have some very intersting results but a question at the end.


For testing purposes I ran msconfig.exe and restarted by machine in diagnostic mode so all extraneous services had been stopped. I then ran a number of different tests using each of the modes selected in the BIOS. Here are the results:


1. Visual Studio Solution Build (each time I clean the build.) This is a real-world test of the sort of thing I do throughout the day and usually drives the fans mental (but not on my 3 year old Yoga 2 Pro which is as quiet as a mouse)

  • Quiet Mode: Run 1 - 1m 25s, Run - 1m 06s, Run 3 - 1m 06s, Run 4 - 1m 06s
  • Balanced Mode: Run 1 - 1m 25s, Run 2 - 1m 05s, Run 3 - 1m 05s, Run 4 - 1m 06s
  • Conclusion - unfortunately I didn't run this in performance mode but the timings really were exactly the same but I did think the quiet mode was noticeably quieter throughout the tests.

2. Performance Test from which I only ran the CPU benchmark

  • Quiet Mode: Run 1 : 5752, Run 2: 5787, Run 3: 5792
  • Balanced Mode: Run 1: 5758, Run 2: 5752, Run 3: 5856
  • Performance Mode: Run 1: 5768
  • Conclusion - again no noticeable difference.

3. Blender Raytrace using demo file Fishy Cat

  • Quiet Mode: 1m 45s
  • Balanced 2m 14s
  • Performance: 2m 08s
  • Conclusion - now we're talking... but wait Quiet mode is not only quiet but much faster!! What's going on! This is when I started running HWMonitor to see what was going on in the CPU and discovered why Quiet is so much better and problem should be always on. Here's what I found:
  • Quiet Mode: Max 87C and clock speed flipping between 3029Mhz and 3192Mhz
  • Balanced Mode: Max 96C and clock speed shifting between 399Mhz and 3495Mhz
  • Performance Mode: much the same as balanced but seems to spend less time at 399Mhz.
  • Theory - I think Quiet focuses on keeping the temperature down by controlling the Mhz but that just happens to end up much faster - a bit like saying 'slow and steady wins the race'. Performance/Balanced however try for more raw power but spending longer throttling back to 399Mhz given the critical temperatures - a bit like sprinting and running out of puff and taking longer to recover.

So, great news, Quiet seems like a real win.


However, when I used msconfig.exe to get back to normal and have all my services running again I discovered a couple of weird things:

  • CPU Benchmark now returned 5508 and 5350 in two separate runs
  • Blender now took 2mins 8secs to render
  • Theory - I might have thought that other processes were simply consuming processor time making these take longer (I did change the CPU benchmark to run in a higher priority to try and mitigate for this.) However, what I noticed when running blender was the temperature now hovered at 71C and the Mhz oscillated between 2583Mhz and 2896Mhz both a lot less than previously. I also tried changing the power plan from balanced to performance but that made no difference.



So I'm left with a question. Is there a service that's limiting the performance of the CPU? And whilst I'm here - is this anything to do with the constant logging of the following in the event log:


The speed of processor 3 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.

which is being logged by Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power.


And finally


Amy, I hope my findings above are useful to you. My initial feelings are you've done some great work on getting this BIOS written and I'm very grateful. I still get the feeling the fans themselves are a little noisy (especially compared to the Yoga 2 Pro) but at least now they're not spinning up quite so fast now.

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