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Yoga 910 disgrace

I purchased a Lenovo Yoga 910 special edition Glass Touch-Screen Ultrabook, Intel Core i7-7500U, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, model 80VGS00300. I spent two months evaluating best laptops in the market to use in the university and finally reduced my search to three brands: Lenovo, ASUS and HP. The style of this Yoga 910 special edition with glass lid was frankly impressive and the outstanding features at that time push me to select that model. I was very happy when I start to work with thar machine, fast and externally appealing, the only thing I disliked at first sight was the fan noise and overheating in the base, but I thought that could be manageable. I was wrong, the problem increased after several months being impossible to get the computer in the lap. I contacted Lenovo to use the warranty, they said I had to bring the laptop first to the closest representative in MD named DSR Inc, an unprofessional people who first told me they could do a quick diagnostic and it was not necessary to save my data, but ended up killing the OS and, according with them, the SSD. After 21 days they gave me back the laptop completely dead and asked me to contact Lenovo again (they were unable to contact Lenovo themselves), I did it and just then Lenovo accepted to receive the device in the Center for reparation. I got the Yoga back after additional 20 days, supposedly repaired, but all my data was wiped out. I noticed the overheating and fan noise still was there, just went back to the original levels when I purchased it and again I thought I could lived with that. After six months, last week the laptop suddenly stopped working, completely dead, no reason at all. It remains in outstanding external appealing conditions in a way that few believe it is a complete trash now. The warranty expired three months ago and I cannot afford to deal with a costly evaluation and reparation, also I don’t know whether I can retrieve all the University data I kept in that laptop.


I was shocked to see today in ebay a post for a guy selling his Yoga 910 “for parts or not working” claiming also same disaster: “sudden death of my computer last week” Surprised


I paid $1,300 in that Yoga 910 computer and I need to find in a hurry a new laptop with my summer classes ready to start next week, but I cannot afford to acquire another computer for my needs now. I’m absolutely frustrated and hopeless with this very unfortunate case. Why Lenovo distribute such costly devices without the required quality?


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Re: Yoga 910 disgrace

I have the exact same 910 as you. My fan was never noisy, but - after a couple of months - it would race, constantly. Having owned a lot of computers including one I built myself, I knew something wasn't right. And I've learned the hard way not to just let things go. Turns out, Windows Anniversary Update had wrecked a couple of things, causing an installation program to hang. That program was using 80% of the CPU, heating things up tremendously. Killing that program solved the fan and heating issues before they could do real damage. It took weeks to fix the rest of the things Anniversary fouled up. Now, the 910 is on my lap. Fan's not running or not loud enough I can hear and my lap is no warmer than if I had a dictionary sitting on it. (It's also not plugged in. Gets warmer if it's plugged in, so I have a laptop cooler for that).


My previous laptop (a Win 8 Dell) had one motherboard issue in its first year. Upgrading to Windows 10 cooked two more (something in the upgrade turned the fan off or the fan just broke).


I guess all I'm trying to impart is, with your next laptop, if you notice something that doesn't seem right, look into it or come here to the forum.  These things are thinner than ever before, and with that comes a little more fragility the bigger laptops don't have.


The other thing I'd advise, no matter whose laptop you get: buy the extended warranty. Murphy's Law says if something's going to go wrong, it'll happen right when the warranty ends. 

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