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Yoga 910 is slower plugged in!! Lenovo - please supply a better BIOS?

From new the Yoga 910 has always seemed to have problems. I've posted in detail about speed problems before but with regard to fan noise :


I'd like to raise this issue again though since I've discovered that the Yoga is distinctly faster 10-20% when on battery!!! I presume this is due to the way the BIOS is configured to ramp the Ghz up/down to balance fan noise with CPU temperature (I have the BIOS set to quiet mode since anything else is both noisier and slower - see my link above.)


Apologies for the size of the screenshots but they accurately show the nature of the problem - when plugged in the raytrace rendering (using Blender) is 22 seconds slower and Task Manager highlights how, on average, the % utilisation and Ghz are lower than when on battery. And after several attempts this is consistent.


So my question to Lenovo is why is my laptop slower when plugged in and please Lenovo can you adjust the BIOS so when plugged in the laptop operates at least at the same speed as on battery (without breaking the fan quiet mode which is already too loud). Oh... and I have checked my power options in Windows 10 and there's nothing that would indicate that being plugged in would limit the performance.


on battery screenshot.pngPerformance on batteryplugged in screenshots.pngPerformance plugged in

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