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Yoga 910 not working from DC - not charging battery -blinking led - only works from battery

2019-06-03, 7:12 AM

I always used to be an HP customer and thought would give it a go with Lenovo so I got myself a Yoga 910.


I am out of warranty, called support and have been quoted $1500 AUD for  anew motherboard which is not even on stock and no one in their right mind would give that sort of money for such a piece of garbage.


The symptoms:

It started a random day out of the blue. When the battery was around 30% I plugged in the charger and the laptop started acting as if I was periodically at every second unplugging and replugging the DC adapter meanwhile the charging led was blinking at the same frequency every second. I heard the plug in sound and the screen became brighter every 2 seconds. Unfortunately even when the laptop was turned off itwasn't charging the battery at all so after experimenting with all possible solutions with uninstalling and deactivating charging drivers which didn't work my battery was fully drained and now my premium looking laptop is pretty much good to be thrown out.


I know it has nothing to do with sleep mode and all or other software related settings. It's not a charger issue because I tried another charger and another power socket as well. It's not a contact issue with the charging port because it's following the same pattern no matter how I hold or don't hold the plug to the charging port. I could  get the laptop to work only through the battery connectors. When the battery is removed then it's just completely dead. The charging led wouldn't even blink. It was only blinking with the battery inside the laptop with some charge.


Lenovo customer service was not too helpful but they believed that it was the motherboard problem. Is there any one here that came accross this problem and managed to solve it otherwise I will really have to toss it into the bin because it's worthless. If not it would be good to get an idea how popular this defect is.


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Re: Yoga 910 not working from DC - not charging battery -blinking led - only works from battery

2019-06-03, 13:59 PM

Welcome to the Community.


The 910, being an early USB-C-equipped device, has a fairly finicky charging port and slightly different circuitry than the devices that came after it.  The fact it'll charge for a little bit, then not, is a head-scratcher. Widespread? First I've seen of this particular behavior. OTOH, I've seen many a laptop that cooked due to a voltage spike or other static electricity.  Batteries go bad, as well. 


Some questions. 

Can you be more specific and detailed as to what you've already tried? Need a list of what drivers you've removed, etc.

What version of Windows are you on? Should be 1803.

Have you tried shutting it down using the power button then holding it for a full minute after the device turns off?

What other charger did you try? Was it another 45-watt, 20V Lenovo 910 adapter? Or something else?


Hopefully, it's not a motherboard issue, but maybe we can help determine that.



I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo. I love beer.
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