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Re: Yoga 910 plugged in not charging

This is very troubling as I had bought a second third party charger specifically for Lenovo 910. This gets back to my question around that port? Could I have damaged it in some way. When I look at it I do not see anything. The connections were all solid. I hate to give up on this but I do not want to pour excess amount of money in it. Today it still has not charged at all. Thank you for your insight.


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Re: Yoga 910 plugged in not charging

I haven't found any third-party chargers that'll charge the 910, unless you consider HP "third party." The 40W USB-C charger from HP will do it as will both the 910's original charger (after I repaired a damaged cord) and the Lenovo charger that came with my 920. Others have posted their experiences with USB-C things and the 910 in a few threads around here. (BTW, the third-party chargers I DO have work with the 920 and Yoga Book C930. Just not the 910.


Just to be sure, we're discussing the rear USB-C port. And that port DOES work with thumb drives and so forth, correct?


Yeah, it's possible the port is damaged. You can send it in WITH the charger and they'll figure it out. But, before throwing money at it or wasting time, trot it down to a store that has Lenovo laptops on display. Sweet talk them into letting you see if one of their Lenovo chargers will function with your 910.  I see enough Lenovo laptops in coffee shops, too. A cup of coffee to borrow a charger isn't a bad deal. 

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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 910 plugged in not charging

Yes! I was thinking the same thing when I saw this old thread!
What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 910 plugged in not charging

Holy cow, you just saved me hours of research and solutions that didn't work. Thank you so much!


Weird that they's turn on conservation mode by default like that. You'd think it would create nothing but support calls to Lenovo from new customers. 🤔

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