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Yoga 920-13IKB + external 4K monitor with USB-C to USB-C connection

2017-12-08, 14:38 PM

I am going to detail my experience connecting my brand new Lenovo Yoga 920-13IKB-80Y70063US to my also brand new LG 43UD79-B 43" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor which has a USB-C port in addition to its 2xHMDI/DP/2xUSB3.0 ports.


First of all , it works! I get both power delivery and am able to extend the screen onto the monitor in 4K resolution using one USB-C cable. I am writing here to help others, but also because there is a power cycling order in which it does not work, which I would like to know if someone knows what it is. If I play with it enough, I get back to making it work again, but have not figured out the order of rebooting, connecting and disconnecting cables where it consistently works. Power delivery is always working through the cable, the monitor extension is what I have to play to get it working.


OK, so here are the steps I need to get these to to work together:


1 - After unboxing Yoga 920, run windows update and reboot several times until it says there is nothing else to update. (windows 10)


2 - Used Google Chrome as Web browser


3 - Go onto LG website to update Drivers/Software:
43UD79 Win10 R3 Driver LG_ULTRA_HD.zip 36K
[Windows] OnScreen Control - version 2.82 Win_OSC_2.82.zip 111138K


4 - Purchase USB-C to USB-C Cable
This one worked for me :
[USB-IF Certified] Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type-C (10 Gbps) Gen 2 Cable with 4K Video & Power Delivery up to 60W in White 3.3 Feet / 1m


5 - Go onto Lenovo website and update Drivers/Software.
Login with my lenovo account
Clicked on Auto-Detect My Product
At that point it installed some lenovo software in order to auto detect product
After that finished now my exact model number and serial number is displayed at the top of the page.
Clicked on Top Downloads -> View All
Select "Automatic Driver Update"
Click on "Start Scan" Button
It indicated I need to update the BIOS to version 5NCN29WW (from 5NCN28WW)
So I went ahead and did the update, which rebooted the machine.


6 - Connected the USB-C cable to the back of the Monitor, and to the rear USB-C connector on the Yoga.
Used the monitor remote control to select the USB-C input
The front connector on the Yoga did not work for me, not to say it wont work for someone else.
Since I was satisfied with it working, I did not pursue trying to get the front connector working.
See attached picture, which you can see the cable connected to the back connector, and the light on indicating charging.
When I first connected, it to the monitor it duplicated the displays in 1080p.
Once I changed it to extend the displays, then I was able to put the monitor in 4K!


7 - Since I wanted to be able to close the Yoga when working on the monitor, I went to the following setting:
Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options -> Choose What to do when I close the lid -> "Do nothing" when plugged in.
I have the blue tooth mouse which continues to work with the lid closed.
But in order to have a keyboard, I used the "K" part of a KVM switch I had lying around.
So now I can switch back between the Yoga and my desktop computer using the monitor remote + KVM switch.


8 - Other cool stuff on the monitor is that it can split the screen between 2 inputs.
So I was able to successfully do that with the Yoga and the Desktop.
But at some point playing with these things, the USB-C connection stopped working.
I had to reboot and plug/unplug to get it to work again.
So it is not that being able to use the cable is intermittent, it is that when playing with monitor inputs settings, it gets lost sometimes.
If anybody knows what it going on, I would appreciate feedback, but it is not as annoying as it sounds.


9 - Other Things I tried, but did not work:
Connect Keyboard/Mouse to 2 USC 3.0 inputs of the monitor, and have the monitor work as a hub and
be able to control both the Yoga and the Desktop from single keyboard mouse, without needing kvm switch.
This feature is advertised by LG as "Dual Controller", but I cannot get it to work.
But I have not been able to get this to work on 2 computers with HDMI either, so it is independent of the USB-C port/Yoga.




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Re: Yoga 920-13IKB + external 4K monitor with USB-C to USB-C connection

2017-12-08, 16:42 PM

Can you reach 60hz with this connection? I think you'll only be able to reach 30hz like this. And the delay on the screnn @ 30hz is really annoying. I rather use the usb-c right next to the powerport (with the Displayport connection to reach 60hz), like this I can easily use the power source when I need to.  

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